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How is everyone?



  • I've still got five and a bit weeks so hoping nothing is going to happen over Christmas. Baby is definitely very low, but has been for most of pregnancy and been getting lots of period pains and cramping for last few weeks.

    Last day in work tomorrow and so ready to finish, I've already cleared out my desk! Planning to get organised next week when hubby is back in work and DS in nursery for 3 days!
  • Well the period pains haven't gone away, despite me taking 2 paracetamol and laying across my ball rocking my hips, so now I've text the midwife to ask her advice. I'm sure its probably just the baby pushing but it's pretty uncomfortable and reminds me of the days when I used to get horrible period pains! X
  • Lib

    Ditto, I've been having horrible period / contraction type pains lower back, thighs and down there...happens more at night when I'm sitting or lying down

    And my feet seem to be more swollen!

    Really want to hold up for two weeks, I started panicking yesterday with the thought of having stuff to do and only 2 weeks away. Have been upbeat most of preg but yest night suddenly felt very down . :? Sorry for the moan girls!


    37 wks
  • SB, i'm glad its not just me! I had a good nights sleep last night when i'd managed to drop off, but have woken up this morning with the cramps & pressure again. Midwife didn't get back to me either!! x
  • Lib

    Plz let us know when she does, if it's a sign labours imminent I'll have to bring forwards my pedicure and hair appt , was going to book them for day before c sec image
  • Ok, normal midwives phone is turned off, on call midwife isn't answering, who do I call now? X
  • Ok, called triage and they said i've got to keep an eye on them and see if they have a pattern. This baby better not come before xmas day! x
  • Really , I better do the same . Well mines late evenings around 9

    I rang duty Mdwf when it first happened and she just said if it gets worse or swelling increases , to ring labour ward. Although I was in a lot of pain last night I felt silly ringing labour ward so just put up with pain which lasted about 45 mins to an hour.

  • SB so did I. I kept thinking that I was interrupting them looking after the properly in labour ladies! Mine seems to have eased now after laying on the sofa all afternoon. I think baby must be fully engaged now, only I'm not going to know until I next see the midwife at 38 weeks. X
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