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Miscarriage today>?

so devistated, i dunno what to do, was bleeding yesterday but it stoped after the morning, today, bleeding all day and clotting, lots! im pain! been to maternity hospital they said my cevix is open but not open more than any1 that has had children before, that i might be having a miscarrige, i might not, they dont know and oculdnt scan me as inly 5 n half weeks, said i have a urine infection that could be why im bleeding and clotting or it could be the reason and causing me to have a miscarrige, i dunno who to turn to, i know my partner gonna be devistated and so am i if i am, i not have to rest ill wednesday when they can scan me!


  • Hi Lisabbey,

    I hope the bleeding has stopped and you are getting plenty of rest. Try and remain positive. I hope your scan has a really happy ending on wednesday. Big hugs to you xx
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