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Hello! Can I gatecrash here too please?! Also a due in Sep :)

Helloooooo!! I'm delighted to be pg with my 2nd (have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter) and very impatient about the lack of due in Sep :lol: Think I'm between 4 and 5 weeks just now image we were trying for a year for this one so very happy now image



  • Welcome Mummy AJ - congratulations on your long awaited BFP image
  • Hi every1

    I'm new to all this as its my first bambino I'm not due until August but already so anxious about all the stuff you need to remember!

    I'm 8 weeks and really struggling with really dry skin I seem to spend my days dripping in baby oil but it doesn't seem to be working, does any1 have any other suggestions.
  • Congratulations Mummy AJ! You're very welcome in DIA. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    Vic, congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm using coconut body butter from the Body Shop. It's designed for very dry skin. My skin hasn't been any more dry than normal, I just have dry skin all the time! Baby oil doesn't work for me, tends to sit on the surface rather than absorb. You could also try getting diprobase or doublebase prescribed by the doctor (for really dry skin).

    Nic xx
  • VicV,

    The cocoa body butter (also for very dry skin) is half price in The Body Shop just now - just over ??6.

    Nic xx
  • Thanks ladies, I'll give it a go.

  • Hey MummyAJ, congratulations!! You must have been over the moon when you got your BFP! How exciting.

    Yeah, hang here for as long as you need to, BE are a bit overdue with the DIS forum, I think they need to pull their finger out and open the DIS forum!

    Congratulations to you too VicV, if the cocoa butter doesn't work then Bil Oil is good, it's meant for stretch marks as well as dehydrated skin, so you can kill 2 birds!! image

    KM x
  • Hi MummyAJ,

    What's your due date, I think they've sorted out DIS now... it will beef out a bit, I was wondering myself where it was for the past wk LOL. Congrats on the long awaited BFP image how exciting.

    Hi VicV congrats on your BFP, I agree on the doublebase from dr. Don't forget if your NHS exemption cert hasn't arrived yet but you have applied for one via your gp then you can still go into the pharmacy and just tell them you're waiting for it to arrive and get your prescriptions free.

  • Congrats VicV! image

    Thank you folks image I think my due date is 15th Sep image will go check out DIS now too image
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