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Hello ladies

Hi Ladies,

I suppose you could say I am an oldie rather than a newbie.

Was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years ago now - had three months of clomid with no success. Haven't been on here for a while now as I got married in April last year so the focus was on getting married and then the rest of the year just seemed to fly by without either of us even realising, although was nice to enjoy being married and having fun rather than getting stressed about TTC!

New year and new focus and now me and hubby want to have a baby more than anything to complete our family.

First thing is to lose some weight as I know this may help our chances of conceiving, so this is my aim for the first half of this year before I take my final 3 months of clomid. I want to ensure that I do everything I can to improve my chances as i know that if clomid doesn't work for us, then we are onto IVF.

Just thought I would pop on and say hello. There doesn't appear to be many names I recognise, which is of course a brilliant sign, so I hope to get to know all you lovely new ladies and hope that out time here will be as short as possible!

Suzannah x


  • Hi Suzannah,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm still lingering stubbornly on ltttc after getting my bfp 5 weeks ago. Still early, so I'm not leaving yet!

    I just wanted to ask if you had been offered ovarian drilling before IVF?

    I had been ttc for 3 years and had ov drilling in September. I ovulated naturally after it and concieved on my third cycle. Apparently it doesn't work for everyone (I had 4 rounds of clomid prior to this and although it did its job, I didn't concieve)but I have concieved naturally with the drilling just as we were booking our appointment to go private for IVF, as we didn't want to risk losing time waiting a year for NHS IVF.

    I think the weight loss idea is a great focus too. I really wish I had spent the previous 6 months concentrating on that, as I feel like a big whale now and worry about putting on more weight during pregnancy! But its really hard to lose weight when 2 weeks out of every 4, you think you might be pregnant!

    Anyway, I just wanted to share these thoughts with you (I have a tendancy to write essays on here!) and wish you lots of luck. The girls on here are great and the support I've had has really got me through xxx
  • Hits suzannah

    Welcome like windy I have been lucky enough to get my BFP but I always keep an eye out on here for the girls and see if there's any helpful advice I can pass on.

    I echo windy's question of whether uv been offered anything before the IVF route? Ovarian drilling, lap and dye, hscg etc as normally they try things before IVF as IVF is very invasive and very emotionally hard so they do try most things before that route.

    The losing weight bit is great as it really does help with the symptoms if PCOS, i actually fell naturally after 2 years while waiting for my lap and dye, ovarian drilling procedure. I don't think it works for everyone but I always mention my success story as if reflexology helps anyone else then that's great! I had started reflexology 3 months before my BFP and after my first session a week later I had my first period in 10 months and after that they came regularly then on month 3 no AF because I got my BFP!! I truly believe reflexology lead to this.

    I also as much as it used to drive me mad people saying it but relaxing and not stressing helps as we were waiting for the operation we weren't stressing.

    Remember PCOS doesn't mean u can't get pg just that it might take longer.

    I wish u all the best with ttc and will b keeping an eye out on LTTC

    X x
  • Thanks ladies and gratulations on you BFP's

    There has been no mention of Ovarian drilling - just googled it and it certainly looks like an option for us.

    I do ovulate naturally (albeit my cycles are a bit eratic which makes time of ovulation prediction very difficult!) I did ovulate on the lowest dose of clomid as well - although my consultant indicated that in some cases the eggs are just not good enough for ferilisation.

    I will ask if this is an option for us when we go back in a few months (hopefully a stone or two lighter!)

    I will try reflexology thanks for the tip- i did try accupunture after reading great things about it but it just wasn't for me and I almost passed out I could feel all the little neddles in me and I just couldn't bare it! (not good with needles anyway so no real surprise there!).

    I am on metformin tablets and had a HSG last year which was fine.

    All the best with your pregnancies.
  • Whatever you do, don't youtube ovarian drilling. It looks HORRIFIC! It wasn't exactly a straightforward procedure, I was very uncomfortable for a good week and sore for a few weeks, the effects only tend to last for 6 months and, as I said before, I was told it doesn't work for everyone, but I would do it again in an instant.

    I read somewhere that some gynacologists consider it an out-dated procedure, whereas other reports said it was new, so its use is not widespread yet. I'm just glad my consultant advocated it. His plan was to try for 6 months post-ov drilling, then clomid again and if still not pg, add metformin. Then IVF if all that failed.

    Hope that helps xx
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