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Miscarried at 7.5 weeks! Devastated :(

Miscarried at 7.5 weeks on Sunday! Devastated image would like to try again as soon as possible.. Any advice.. Thanks xx


  • hey sali, you can try realisticly after you stop bleeding, docs only ask you to wait till next period for dating ect, think weve spoke before, i had a m.c on the 31st dec, stopd bleedin 5th jan, and have started trying, i was actualy just about to put a post up, do you think its wrong i feel ok so fast about trying again, i was about 6 weeks when i m.c, have a scan today, originaly was for to check baby was ok after bleed, but now its to make sure everything is away, and im feeling ok, ive had my teary days and bad days, but now feeling ok to pick myself up and start again, as long as you feel ready sali then its up to you, hope ur ok and chin up xxx
  • Hi Lisa, yes we have spoke before over under pregnancy! We are willing to try ASAP as well and I personally do not think there is anything wrong with it! Not having experienced anything like this before, it's definitely been exhausting mentally, physically and emotionally! Good luck hun and hope to speak with you again under pregnancy soon... xx
  • With my first I waited a whole cycle before trying again - with the second a chemical pregnancy we tried straight away. still trying unfortunately but i'm sure it will happen.

    you do what feels right as long as you are not going against medical advice.

    sorry you find yourself here - the ladies are great and have been a lifeline to me lately. lets hope you don't have to stay here too long xxx
  • hey Sali and speccles, i had my scan today after waiting nearly 2 hole weeks after my m.c, all they found was an empty womb, very sad even though i knew there was nothing there! had to have normal scan then got shouted back in after releaving my bursting bladder lol, and they changed there mind wanted to do an internal scan, so they found a tin y wee clot still in my womb but said it would just disintegrate and also found a small cyst on my ovary but said it might just be a monthy thing that drains and comes back every now and again, yeah were trying now sali, and to be honest i feel ready, i still feel bit sad for loosing my little bean but ive picked myself up and time to try again, hope yous are all good and hope you get a BFP soon speccles, how long have you been trying after chemical pregnancy?? that what i had on 31st dec, xx
  • Hi sali & lis, sorry to hear if your recent mc, it is tough! I had been ttc for 3 1/2 yrs, got pregnant naturally in feb and mc at 6 wks then got pregnant sept after clomid and mc again at 6-7 weeks. I feel pregnant before next cycle and am now pleased to say I am 16+4 and have a bouncing happy baby, growing. Keep positive & hope you get a sticky one soon. X
  • Lisabbyuk I had my chemical pregnancy in July and been ttc since Oct 2010. Took 18 months to conceive my son so was delighted to fall pg Jan 11 but lost that one st nine weeks. So sick of it now!!! Fingers crossed for us all. Xxxxx
  • I know when you get your hopes up and then it all comes crushing down! I hope we all get what we want and all the best to everyone trying! Congrats to Abihy, wish you all the best! It's certainly one of the most painful and disappointing experiences of life! I've not had an experience like this before and felt really let down and empty! I'm hoping for the best! Good luck to you all out there - lots of love xxx
  • Hi ladies

    I guess there is no right or wrong time to TTC after a MC, it's just what feels right and everyone's different. No one should feel guilty about wanting to try again straight away. After a chemical pg in Septermber I became pregnant straight away in Oct but sadly mc on Dec 22nd. As awful as it was I knew I wanted to try again immediately and luckily OH felt the same - for me I think focusing on TTC made it all a bit more bearable. Congratulations abihy, and best of luck to the rest of us, fc our sticky beans are not too far away. xx
  • Thanks autum and sorry to hear about your loss! Wish you all the best xx
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