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24 weeks gestation

Please pray for my friends little girl. She was born 16 weeks early yesterday morning weighing 1lb 10oz, but so far is doing ok. I can't begin to imagine how my friend and her husband are feeling. x


  • oh gosh, good luck to her. It's amazing what they can do for little ones now a days, prayers for her and baby. let us know xx
  • Just to give you an update on my friends baby.

    They've called her Keira Dawn and she'll be 4 weeks old on Tuesday.

    Obviously they've had their good days and their bad days (glad to say more good than bad), but fingers crossed she seems to be fighting.

    She's taking tube feeds of expressed milk really well and has been fighting the ventilator to breath on her own so they extubated her 2 days ago and now she's just on the CPAP.

  • Just to let you all know, my friend has been told she and her husband need to watch the resuscitate a baby video, bring the pushchair in for test driving and generally prepare themselves, which generally means they're a matter of days/week from Keira coming home :0)

  • thats fab news! i have had my baby (6 weeks prem) but was very poorly and had to be venilated then on c pap. The baby in the next door incubator had been born at 24 weeks as well and is now 9 weeks old and is alternating between 4 hours on and 4 hours off the c pap.

    I hope your friends little one continues to grow in strength and they all get to be together very soon!
  • Just to let you all know.

    14 weeks ago today Keira was born at 24 weeks and 6 days gestation weighing a tiny 1lb her parents got to take her home - weighing 4lb 13ozs and 1 week before her due date.

    Miracles can happen
  • amazing! miracles indeed, that's such happy news. Gosh she'll be a loved little girl!

  • Great news. It is great to get them home.
  • She is now 5lb 10oz
  • This is an amazing story. I can fully comprehend everything. My son was born 12 weeks early, 27+6 wks. He weighed 2lbs2, my first, born at home, he went in one ambulance with paramedics and I went in another, 1hr10mins later we were in hospital!. What a start!!. We were in NNU for 12wks, his weight dipped to 1lb10!. It was an emotional rollercoaster!.. He came home on a tiny amount of oxygen which he is off now. Can't believe he was ever that small, at over 16lbs now and 7 mths next week!!... Miracles certainly do happen!..Xx
  • My friends baby will be 6 months old tomorrow (2.5 months corrected age) and has just hit double figures....she now weighs 10lb :0)
  • So glad to hear things are going well. My little one is now 17 weeks 11 weeks corrected and weighs 9lb7
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