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Unexplained Infertility

Hi Ladies,

DH has had 2 SA's one showing low sperm morphology at 2% and the other showing just over the WHO recommended guidelines at 5%. The doctor said that hubby has to have a 3rd SA so we're currently waiting for the results.

We don't feel as if we're getting anywhere with the NHS so we went to an open evening at a private fertility clinic last night. We spoke to the consultant afterwards and we explained our situation. He said that he takes the morphology reading with a pinch of salt and that there has been a study to show that there is no link between low morphology and rates of conception. He advised me to have an AMG blood test and to have a HSG if these all come back as okay then we'll be classed as unexplained fertility.

This was great to hear because it makes hubby feel better and also give us hope that it could happen naturally. My only worry now is if we do need help via IUI or IVF etc? I don't want to rush into this lightly as there is a lot involved but we've been TTC for 18months and I'm struggling to cope as it is. I would hate to give it another 6 months and still be in the same situation. Or should I be thinking that if it hasn't happened in 18 months then it is very unlikely to happen naturally now.

The sane part of my brain is telling me to do the AMG, HSG and then have the consultation and take it from there as these could alter our situation. Any thoughts ladies or advice with unexplained fertility? If there was a definite problem I'd have no worries about IUI/IVF.

Thanks x


  • I'm in the same boat as you chucks. We're unexplained too. We have our appointment in 2 weeks to decide on the next course of action. I'm stuck too- will they send us away for a bit? Or if they do something, do I decline and wait for a natural BFP, take clomid if they offer it or do I haggle for IUI? I have heard that clomid can be bad for you in the long term and thats worrying me now. I'd be interested to hear any responses to this thread too.
  • I am kind of in a similar situation, although recent tests confirm definite issues with me.

    My left tube is blocked but my right is fine. I also have old blood left in uterus which isn't great. TBH there doesn't seem to be any major reason why we wouldn't get pregnant, it will just be harder, yet it isn't happening.

    The consultant has said that the next course of action is IVF (although this is to be confirmed when I go for my post-laparoscopy appt) and this has upset me so much. I feel like if the consultant has no faith in my body then neither should I, but at the same time, I feel like there is still things that can be done to improve my situation to help me get a natural BFP. The next step to IVF seems scary but I don't want to go on and on trying for a baby and never getting a BFP. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and hard place.
  • I know what you ladies mean.

    Loopy, can you tell me what the AMG blood test and the HSG test for? I have heard of the HSG test but not sure what its for.

    Sorry cannot offer any advice, we are in a similar situation, so would be intersting to see what other people thoughts are.

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