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Wow haven't been on here for a good couple of years!! Anyway we've been trying for baby no 2 since Aug 2010 and have finally been put on Clomid this morning as it seems i'm not ovulating.

Anyone else on Clomid? I literally know nothing about it except i need to take it on cd 2-6.

Just thought i'd pop in and say hi xx image


  • There is a huge clomid thread on here. A lot of us use it. What dose are you on? Many say they find it easier to take at night to hide the side effects. Seems to work well although I've experienced some amazing hot flashes this last round!!! Are you using a fertility monitor/ovulation sticks as well?
  • Oooh ok I'll have to have a look for the other thread image

    I have 3 months worth of 50mg Clomid but my dr said to take on day 2-6 on first month then to go and take a blood test to see if I have ovulated and if I have he'll do a hycosy for me image

    Side effects? I didn't know there was any... Lol you can see i'm very uninformed x
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