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What would you do in my situation?

Hi ladies,

I wonder if you could offer me your thoughts/opinions please?

My DH has had 3 SA's done (which have already taken 7 months to complete) and we were referred to the IVF clinic at the beginning of December as they all showed low morphology so they circled that fertility treatment was needed on the form.

I rang up the hospital to check that they had received the letter from our GP (as I hadn't heard anything) they had received the letter which was great but I've been told that we won't see a consultant until June. I'm struggling emotionally and I really can't cope with waiting until June to know where we stand, we've saved up enough money for fertility treatment so we'll be going private but I would like to get a full picture before jumping down the IVF route (if it isn't needed).

I read an article online this week that said if you go to a private fertility clinic they won't look into the male fertility issue. I'll have checks and then it will be straight down the IVF route. So I'm now wondering if we should pay to see an NHS consultant so that my DH could see a urologist first? If they say that IVF is our only hope then I'd be happy to get going straight away I've been to a private fertility clinic open evening but I can't help but feel that they're not very impartial.

So you think I should pay for an NHS consultation or go straight to the private fertility clinic?

Thanks x


  • You've been reading the daily mail haven't you? I saw that aswell, but remember, the daily mail always spouts shite and hate the nhs/doctors.

    Paying for a private nhs appt is going private. V few (any?) consultants only do private.

    I think, for what its worth, if you'd find waiting till June too hard, make a private appt, and make sure you have a list of questions/problems. If it looks like you're being ignored or you feel railroaded straight to ivf, then walk away. Unfort, most of us in here now have a fair idea of how fertility treatment goes, given we eat, breath and sleep ttc (or is that just me?)- as long as you stand your ground, I'm sure you'll be able to get whatever straight answer there might be...

  • Hello there.

    I had 2 IVF treatments 11 years ago, it didn't work first time as my ex-husband caught chicken pox in the middle of the treatment. But they told us we should still go ahead with the treatment. When it did not work, we were told that the reason is poor sperm count due to C/pox. So when we had 2nd IVF, they also did ICSI to make up for their mistake lst time.ICSI helps with low sperm count. I have a gorgeous 11 years old daughter. I had both treatments privately and yes they cost a fortune. But if you look at what bundle of joy you get in return, you forget the money. I was like yourself, did not want to wait. Hence, we went privately.

    I remarried in 2010. After trying for a since, GP sent me to check if my ovaries function properly. soon after that test, i fell pregnant natirally but miscarried in Oct'11. I was prescribed Clomid and fortunately it worked on second round. I am almost 6 weeks preg now. But really scared.

    HAving been there, If I were you, I'd see the consultant privately soon. At least you will know where you stand. Even better would be to speak to GP and run some more tests to make sure that IVF is the only way. May be you could try ICSI before going for IVF.

    Good luck. x
  • The waiting times are sooo frustrating, we've all been there. For what it's worth, if you are able to afford the private appointment then I would definitely go ahead - six months is such a long time when you're already been on this journey for a couple of years... Just remember that you often have to fight for your treatment - and you know your body best... and when you're there put your foot down so that they focus on your OH as well as you.

    Our clinic has always checked OH sperm so I'm sure they will with you too - my feeling is its well recognised that men are just as likely to have issues now. I think that Daily Mail article needed a great pinch of salt with it.

    I'm assuming you've had some tests done, but if not see if your GP will organise day 2-4 and day 21 blood tests and see if they'll send you for a scan to ascertain PCOS.

    Best of luck x
  • Thanks Pumpkin-81,mummy2b2 and bleurgh for the response.

    Ladies pleae bear with me I'll try and explain why I'm so confused....any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. Here goes.......

    We have three SA results and all show that my DH has low sperm morphology on the NHS referral from it said that fertility treatment is needed. We went to an open evening at a private fertility clinic (where we will most probably end up having treatment) called CRGW. We spoke to the Embriologist and explained our situation, he said that he sees loads of sperm samples with low sperm morphology and he takes them with a pinch of salt as they all can't be low! He also said that he doesn't think that this is the reason why we can't get pregnant so if all tests are ok with me then we would be classed as unexplained.

    I'm confused because why would the NHS circle that fertility treatment is needed and the private clinic to say that we may be unexplained fertility? On one hand I want to go for a consultation at the private place but i'm worried that it won't be impartial (even though I've read raving reviews). I just want someone to explore all options so that I'm confident we're getting the treatment we really need x
  • Hi loopy, Did they circle fertility treatment or IVF specifically? There are a number of hoops they'll make you jump through before reaching IVF - clomid to help OV (even if you OV regularly can help make you even more fertile) IUI and then IVF... However, if it is OH they might recommend straight to IVF just as this will have the most success rate I guess.

    Weighing it up, if it was me, I would pay for a consultation just so the next steps are clearer. I wouldn't want to wait six months and find out the end result would still be the same - but I've been trying for three years and just want a baby!!

    I wouldn't think that any consultant would just recommend you for IVF flippantly, it's the NHS and if they could get you pregnant using a cheaper method I'm sure they would! I don't know the CRGW - is it a totally private clinic or is it one that also takes NHS patients? If it's also an NHS function at least you might not thing they are pushing you for the most expensive treatment if that's your worry?

    Best of luck x
  • I also think that just a private consult would be useful. After all, their aim is to get you pregnant and if they can do that best by simplest method, then they will. Just because it is private, doesn't mean the only service they offer is IVF.

    I had an informal chat with a fertility nurse at London Women's Clinic (but the one in Cardiff) which was free and she was really nice and helpful. But we were at the stage where we were just waiting for IVF, our NHS consultant had informed us that was out next route.

    Also, would it be worth trying to talk to your consultant or nurse at the NHS to see if IVF really is your next step, or if they meant other fertility treatment?

  • Hi bleurgh it just said on the form fertility treatment needed I suppose they won't be recommending any specific treatment at I have only had a 21 day blood test so far (the GP wouldn't send me for any other tests as they see the problem being with hubby). Yes the CRGW is totally private but I think they take NHS patients jsut for SA's. The embryologist and owner of the private clinic used to be the head embryologist at the NHS IVF clinic.

    Hi WindyMilleruk1 I can't speak to a consultant until June with the NHS that's why I'm getting so ate up with it all. I've decided to go for the tests with the private clinic I've got my AMH blood test tomorrow and then I'm going to book in for our consultation which includes a pelvic unltrasound scan for me. Can I ask does anyone know why you are given a pelvic ultrasound scan and not a HSG? Does this mean I will also have a HSG at a later stage or only if something shows up?

    I also decided to email the embrologist at the private clinic that we spoke to on the open evening regarding the daily mail article. He emailed me back within a couple of hours and gave a full response to why this was such a bad article and why this wouldn't happen if the man was showing low count etc as it was in the article. He went onto say that he still doesn't think that my DH's low morphology is the reason that we can't conceive he seems to think that there might either be a problem with me or if my AMH and scan come back ok then we'll be classed an unexplained. I'm anxious now to have the tests done on me for a clearer picture, AMH is tomorrow and I'm going to book the scan in when I'm there so I should have a date for that soon too. It's really put my mind at ease having emailed him as I asked about DH seeing a urologist, he said we could see one but he doesn't think it will help as DH's sperm volume, motility, count etc are all above what they are supposed to be its only the morphology that is low he went onto say that morphology can only be improved if you have a bad diet, smoke or work with chemicals all of which don't apply to my husband otherwise there is nothing you can do.

    So feeling much better about it all x
  • Well, thats great! It sounds like you have the appt in June to discuss all the findings of your tests over the next few months. You just seem to have done it all in reverse to the way I did! DH had his SA done alongside my investigations. I had a pelvic and internal u/s to check for polycycstic ovaries, bloods done alongside this and a hsg after that to check my tubes.

    I don't think a private consult would move you on much quicker, really.

    It felt good for me to be progressing and getting some answers, so I hope its the same for you xx
  • Thanks WindyMilleruk1 yes its nice to feel that things are moving forward.

    The NHS wouldn't do any further tests on me as they see the problem being with my DH but having spoken to the private clinic they this its equally as important for me to get checked out too which makes sense to me!

    Hope your pregnancy is going well x
  • Hey Loopy,

    I think pelvic ultrasound is where they check for polycycstic ovaries - I had that initially before HSG can't remember if it was external or internal sorry. They probably will refer you for a HSG at some stage as this is where they check your tubes are clear.

  • It is possible to conceive with low morphology if there is a high enough overall count.

    The one thing I would say about going private is that if you have private IVF/IUI treatment you will then not be considered eligible for NHS treatment. IVF can take several cycles to work so make sure you can afford multiple cycles before going private.

    Mooomin x
  • Hi

    Just come across your post and thought icould tell you what happened to us.

    My gp did a sa and said it was normaland did my bloods that all came back normal and then referred us to coventry centre for repoductive medicine. We saw a consultant who did a lap and dye and repeat bloods for me and 2 sa for hubby( 1 month apart). They removed endometrioses from me and said that hubbys sperm had a low count, and were deformed and therefore we would need ivf ior icsi depending on the sample on the day.

    The clinic sees nhs and private patients. As i have a child we had to pay for the actual ivf treatment .

    The consultant said they always look at you both from scratch even if you have had tests done before. Hope this helps x
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