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I don't know about any of you ladies, but today I went to see my NCT Bra fitter friend. My bra's haven't fit properly for weeks, I'm usually a 34 b, so not big by any means and I would say I struggle to fill them properly (usually). I've got maternity bra's from being pregnant with my son, but I was a whole 10lbs heavier when I concieved him so the bra's are HUGE! ( 36 DD, 38DD) too big for me to fill anyway, so I've been wearing one of my mum's old bra's- nice, She measure me and told me that I am a 32 D, so off I will go shopping for a nice fitting bra me thinks.

I'm also sooooooo much more comfortable now I can put my Maternity pants on too, my sixe 10's were made redundant a good few weeks ago, and my sixe 12's were a snug fit too.


  • Hi Emma, what's a NCT bra fitter? I'm intrigued.. I need to get some new bras too, I have a large bust so need to be fitted. The usual places don't go up to my size so need somewhere like bravissimo. X
  • My boobs have had growing pains at the sides that I remember getting as a teenager! I'm a 30d but I'm starting to get 4 boobs in some of my bras so think I may need to get fitted soon. I'm intrigued as to what a NCT fitter is too!

    Nic xx
  • Tashua that must be really hard!!! Nic-Nac that's what I was like. Some shops liek M & S etc do bra fitting services, well and NCT Bra fitter is a person trained to do it for the National Child Birth Trust, which is a charity for parents.

    When I went to get some bra's I c ouldn't breath in a 32D!!!! so I spoke to the shop ladies who reconned 36 c from looking at me, it was MAHOOOSIVE round the back and the cups were baggy to, so I tried a 34 d on which was much better, the lady who looked at it agreed it was a good fit, with room for growth round the back ( let the strap out)

    I feel soooo comfortable today image
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