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Change to sleep patterns.

Hi ladies,

Am after some advice/support/reassurance really! My 2 year old usually sleeps really well - on average 10-12 hours a night. He has now made the transition to first size bed (although that was tricky at first), but has taken to waking up between 2-3am and being completely awake. He wouldn't resettle by himself last night so I brought him in with us & he laid there for a bit, but really wanted to play. I then put him back into his own room after a while (about 3 hours of trying to get him back to sleep)& he eventually dozed until nearer 9.

My question really is what could be causing the waking? Could it be a growth spurt? He has done this a fair few times now - thankfully not on too frequent a basis, but I am just unsure what could be causing it & therefore what could be the best way of dealing with it.

Just wondered if any of you had experienced similar issues? thankfully I wasn't in work today so I could also go back to sleep until he then woke up again. Am rubbish if I don't get a decent night's kip. I'm pregnant again & find it hard enough to sleep properly as it is!

Thank you,



  • I stuck with the back to bed and ignoring the mummy shouts, and now if he wakes he stays in his bed unless its morning, but have been told some else just made sure her wee boy was safe in his room, he gets up plays with his toys then takes him self back to bed when he's had enough, hope you find something that works for you, I get grumpy without sleep too x
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