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Had my scan today :-)

I had my scan today and it was just amazing! I've been so worried as I haven't had any sickness and have generally been feeling well. Seeing the baby jumping about and waving was the best feeling ever. I am so very happy!

Good luck to all of you waiting for yours.

Nic xx


  • Aww huge congratulations image
  • Great news! It's lovely seeing them x
  • I had my scan today too! We were soooo excited when we saw the heartbeat and the little bean moving around. It dated me a week earlier than I thought - 11 weeks not 12 and was a little too small to do the nuchal translucency thing, so we have to go back in two weeks. Got an amazing reaction off everyone at home and work - everybody is sooo excited!! image it feels so real now!

  • Congrats Nic Nac. It's a lovely feeling isn't it. image

    Lu xx
  • Its just amazing how much they leap about, is't it?! We shrieked everytime it moved!!

    Congratulations both...only 8-9 weeks til 20 week scan now!!!

    T xx
  • Thank you so much, girls, your kind words mean so much to me. Congrats to you, Loobylu! I've never felt so relieved to see the baby on the screen. I had really talked myself into awful things, the worst of it being that it was a phantom pregnancy which was all in my mind (I had a dog who had one of those and carried a teddy about thinking it was her pup). Not reasonable thinking! Good luck, Ceelou, for yours - is it Monday?

    Nic xx
  • Ahhhhhhhh brilliant news for both of you ladies, it's such an amazing thing, particularly as you say if you've not had any symptoms etc. Bit mind blowing xxx
  • Thank you, EmmaRose! Can't stop staring at the picture image I haven't told anyone in work yet so it's like the nicest secret ever! Xx
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