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csection or vbac

i had my dd 19 months ago by c-section and when we saw the consultant this time they just assumed i'd have another section, my hospital has 70% success rate the next hospital closer to has 90-95% but don't take out of area, which we are. i've read the information the hospital gave us and listen to what they said about having to go in as soon as labour starts and done some research, but still not 100% what to do i'm leaning more towards another section, but started to doubt my decision last night. what would you do?


  • i went for a vbac but as she was in distress the decision was taken away as obviously her safety was more important

    its something no one can decide for you,

    for me i was desperate to try and with a 18 month old when she was due i wanted to avoid major surgery. my first was a emergency section after failed forcepts and i felt i missed out on the whole giving birth thing, even though i knew there was a chance it may end up in section i wanted to try.

    i was allowed to stay at home as long as i was comfortable as long as my waters were in tact, i was monitored closely but if she wasnt in distressed i would have been allowed to move about, i was even allowed to try a waterbirth if things had gone to plan!

    i think it depends why you had your first section and how you feel about the whole thing, would you ge gutted to not try?
  • I've been thinking about this since I had my son in september. He was an emergency section as he was facing sideways, so after a 6 hour labour and then pushing him for an hour they decided they had to get him out.

    During my pregnancy having a section was the only thing about the birth I was worried about, so i was a complete hysterical wreck when they said they were going to have to do it, but it actually wasn't as bad as I imagined. I am in completely 2 minds about what to do next time, i have pros and cons for both.

    Having another section - it would be planned so i can arrange someone in advance to look after my little man. I don't have to go through labour again - it came on really quick for me and was very painful, i think because of his position, and i only had gas and air. Hubby would prefer me to have a section as he didn't think i coped with labour very well! Possibly safer to have an elective then an emergency if vbac doesn't work?? My boy was 9lb 12oz - and first babies are meant to be the smallest!

    Having a vbac - i LOVED the whole 'not knowing when it was going to happen' thing, that anticipation of getting to over 4 weeks and knowing it could be any time, and would feel sad not to do this again. I would have a toddler who i wouldn't be able to carry for a while after a section, and how do you explain that to a little one? The whole recovery in general after a section is longer. I hated that first night where i couldn't even dress my baby, and had to rely on midwives to pass him me whenever he needed feeding. Might be able to have the water birth i always wanted!

    I've now just confused myself even more! I don't feel i missed out on a natural birth as i pretty much did the whole thing, with the exception of pushing him all the way out!

    At the end of the day you need to decide what's important for you. When are you due btw? Just wondering how long you left it before getting pg again! xxx
  • For me, it would now be VBAC every time. My boy was delivered by EMSC 22 months ago. I had a very traumatic experience, one that left me feeling a bit useless and deflated for a ery long time. When I fell pregnant with my DD last feb, I was set on having an elective, as I didn't think I could have coped with anoth emsc. However, I joined this amazing froup on FB (VBAC support group) and they gave me so much information and support, that I felt confidant enough to attempt VBAC. My DD was born 10 weeks ago, after a successful VBAC, weighing 9lb 4oz, without pain reliefe. It is achievable hun, but it is a very personal choice. I suggest getting as much information as possible, and maybe also arrange for an appointment with your consultant to go over your ntes from last time. That way, you can see what exactly lead to your emsc and find out whether or not the same things are likely to occur again. It may help you with your descicion. But I would like to say, that no matter how they arrive into the world, as long as they arrive safely, and that Mummy is also ok, then that is all that counts x
  • Hi,

    Hi had twins by C-section 3 years ago and now with a singleton they are talking about VAB and I'm petrified.. On the other hand I think I would like to go through labour and birth since I only had a C-section and recovery was complicated. Everyone says that recovery after C-S is always worse than VAB..

    I guess u need to decide (as me) if having a VAB is more important or if the idea of a C-Section actually makes u feel more confident and at rest..

    My pain threshold is very low Im affraid so I think that even with VAB I will go to an eppidural if things get to be too much.. I really want to enjoy the birth xx


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