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Says it all really - I am 12 weeks today and still feeling really nauseous, kinda wooly, without strength - a bit like you feel with a hangover!

Anyone else feeling like this or got any suggestions to feel better? I am so tired of it now. :evil:


  • I just find that eating little and often helps my nausea, e.g. Toast, cereal bars, salty crisps! Lots of stodgy meals too like pasta, rice, mash etc!

  • I'm 13 weeks today and have been feeling awful. Nausea, headaches, shivering. Just like a really awful bloody hangover- I never, ever want to drink again!!!

    I just keep saying to my poor husband that "I'm so SICK and tired of being sick and tired!"

    Are you taking pregnancare, or similar? I've stopped taking it no I'm 12 weeks+ and I'm going to get some plain folic acid/multivit, as quite a few people have said that the iron supplements can cause nausea. I thought it had helped until today! But might be worth a try?

    I think we're the real unlucky ones!

  • Im feeling the same and im 14 weeks, I was the same with ds up untill 18 weeks so im expecting the same this time x
  • Jus posted ut my reply has gone!Im feeling the same to and im 14 weeks, I was the same with ds up untill 18 weeks so im expecting the same this time x
  • Urgh it's so miserable. Although I feel bad for you Windy and KLee I'm also glad it's not just me!

    Definitely sick and tired of feeling sick and tired :evil:

    On the flip side, just had my 12 week scan and all is good - that's one active baby! I asked the docs to guesstimate the gender and they have. Oth guessed bioy based on the nub. I 'feel' like its a girl so will have to wait until 20 weeks to find out for sure!

  • Yay! Congrats, Ceelou! You forget all the nausea and crapness for just a few minutes when you're watching that jumping bean on the screen, don't you?

    I'm back on the steroids again now. The Drs think all the nausea, shivering and general rubbish feeling is due to the systemic inflammation caused by the erythema nodosum. It was just masked by the steroids. So I'm on a longer course of steroids again, which they assure me is safe for the baby.

    Don't know why I still have a bloody headache, though. Just wish I could enjoy being pregnant and stop feeling like I don't deserve it because I'm moaning so much :cry:
  • I keep getting bad headaches. My sickness has really gone now but im still getting bad hunger pains followed by bad indigestion the minute ive eaten which is bloody annoying!

    Am 14 weeks and 3 days and my belly is looking HUGE!
  • Don't even get me started on indigestion! I only have to drink a few mouthfuls of water and I get griping pains in my guts! Not to mention the heartburn.

    I hope the headaches aren't a sign of things to come. I really can't cope with headaches, I just have to lie in a dark room and hope they go away!

    Hope we all feel better soon. Not too "blooming" at the mo, are we?!

  • Mine is on and off, it's really when I'm hungry. Although, saying this I'm always hungry. I have to eat every hour or so! I'm going to be enormous! My back is playing up and my pelvis is sore, so guessing the SPD will be as bad as last time, if not worse. Yey! Pregnancy is not for sissies is it?!
  • Funnily enough i've logged on to post about the same thing lol. i'm 13+3 and i feel like i did 6 wks ago. its eased off that past week but bj again twice as bad!! Never felt this bad with any of my others.

    And mine always kicks in at dinner time too xxx
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