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been in hiding!!!

Well i have had a lot of mixed emotions the past 9 days.

I had my 12 wk scan on mon 30th, bubba is fine and dates add up perfectly. i got home ready to announce my news only to get a phone call off my step mun to say my dad had collapsed and was taken to a+e where they trying to rescitate him. my sis picked me up and we raced down there, as we got in there we were told the awful news that my dad had died. he was only 54 and a healthy man. it turns out he died of a thromboembelism caused by deep vein thrombosis, the same thing that took my grandads life a yr ago and my uncles 7 yrs ago.

Im devastated that he isnt going to be here to meet his new grandbaby. One thing is for certain, if im having a boy hes going to be named after my dad.

Then on weds i saw the obstetrician; coz of my dad they have put me on aspirin for now and referred me to ha. emotology clinic, i've got to have a scan done on my legs in 3 wks and another at 24 wks and monthly reviews. then also because of what happened with my last lo i have got to have fortnightly cervical scans and full fetal diagnostics done until im 24 wks. I have got 7 appointments arranged for between now and end of october. it is nice to know they are looking after me tho xxxc


  • Charl, am so, so sorry to hear about your Dad. That is such sad news. I know nothing will make you feel any better but thinking of you. Life can be so cruel.

    My hubby had a pulmonary embolism after our honeymoon last year, he is on warfarin at the mo and was very ill. My friend has factor 5 liden and had to haveclearancee injections daily and be monitored frequently. It is amazing how many people have this scary problem. It's good they are looking after you, a pain that you have to have so many scans and tests though.

    Wishing you all the best. X
  • I am so very sorry, what horrible, horrible news. Please look after yourself. My thoughts are with you at this desperately sad time.

    Nic xx
  • What an awful time you've had. Look after yourself and your bean xx
  • I am so sorry to hear your news, and so sorry for your loss (hugs)

    It's good to hear you are being looked after - hopefully your news will be just what your family needs to bring a little light in this dark time.

    Thinking of you honey

  • So sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you and your family at this time.

    I'm sure that your news about the baby will bring some happiness to your family at this difficult time.

    NTT xx
  • So sorry to her about your dad. Take care.


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