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15 week midwife appt?

Hi all,

I'm a bit confused! I was convinced I was told to book an appt with my midwife at 15 weeks (first one after "booking in" appt), but have seen a few posts about 16 week appt's. When is everyone due theirs/had theirs?

I'm a bit disappointed too today, as I tried to scan myself with the animal ultrasound at work and it wasn't strong enough. Booo image



  • Mine is at 16 weeks - it seems to be the norm here. Try and get it toward the end if your 15th week?

    I'd be so dangerous with gadgets to try and see our little bump with - so sorry it wasn't sting enough image

    TGI Friday!!!!

  • Mine is at 15 weeks and 3 days. As far as I know, this is for bloods to test for Downs and Spina Bifida.

    Boo to animal scanner not being strong enough. The practice really needs to invest in some better equipment image

    Nic xx
  • G/C but do you have your NICE booklet? It details when you should have antenatal appointments, with whom & what you should expect to occur at each appointment.
  • I've checked all my info and its not very clear, but it does mention tests at 16 weeks. I won't quite be 15 weeks for my appt (she only has thm on fridays) so I think I will change it to the week after when I'l be almost 16 weeks.

    Thanks xx
  • Mines 16 weeks too, on the 21st Feb. image

    i just want another scan.. love seeing my baby swimming around in there! xx
  • Hello, it is a 16 week appointment im not sure what its for but they can listen in to the heartbeat so may be worth you making it later then theres more chance of hearing the heartbeat. Im paranoid as still fitting into my normal clothes so worried something is wrong! I wonder if the worrying ever stops!
  • I was just thinking that! Now I'm not feeling sick any more, I feel like I've just put weight on! I have another scan a week tomorrow as the baby wasn't big enough for the tests last time. Can't wait to see the bean again.

    Lu x
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