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Setup a Facebook group

Hi Ladies,

I've setup a Facebook group called Due in August 2012, so we can try and get more ppl involved. There are only a cpl of us so far but I will promote our BE group aswell. I have trouble seeing the BE threads on my mobile so thought it would be an alternative way for ppl to get involved.


UPDATE***** I've just made this FB group prviate so that nobody on your friends list will see you join and nothing will come up in your newsfeeds xj


  • Hi, fab idea! I find it hard finding the time to get on here and fb would be much easier.

    I cant find the group??? Will have another look, if not, can I pm you my name to add me?

  • Ooo... FB is not for me so I will continue to lurk here. I might sound like a nutter but FB is way too public for my liking!

    I hope it goes well for you though image

    CeeLou xx
  • Ceelou, if it makes you feel better the groups can be secret so nobody will know that you are in the group and nothing appears on your newsfeed etc. A few of the other girls due this month and I are in a secret due in Oct 2010 group which has been going almost 2 years now and it's a fab support. But completely understand as not everyone is into fb x
  • If I pm you my name can you add me?

    Im in the born in November 2010 fb group and it's fab x
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm interested in joining the Facebook group if you dont mind. Iv looked for it but can't seem to find it? I also struggle getting on here itl be so much easier through Facebook. X
  • can i join.. how do i send a pm.. cant see the option here anywhere?
  • I would like to join! Also don't know how to pm. It will be secret though?

    Nic xx
  • Hiya, msg me your full name and where you are based and what your profile pic is and I'll try and send u the link on FB xj
  • Ive sent you my fb details! x
  • add me on fb, charlene baines, profile pic is of my little girl and then invite me to group pls xx
  • Hi mummies can I be added too? I'm Sarah Jenner and my profile pic is if my little girl. Everyone else is welcome to add me. Look forward to getting to know you better as I hardly ever come in here. Also member of born in November (2009) group and am real good friends with them all.
  • I've sent pm, by just pressing send message under Smoochiegal's name. Hope that's right!

    Lu x
  • I can only see a due in august & september group? can someone add me too please Emma-Rose Moutter thanks
  • HAs anybody been added? Smoochiegal did you get my PM?

    I cant get on here from my phone so would love a facebook group to chat one image
  • Iv also pm'd smoochiegal and haven't yet recieved an invite. Would be much easier for me to go on Facebook group.
  • Has anyone been added yet I'm still waiting image
  • Does anyone think it would be rude if I started another one?
  • Ive set up another group.. we can move over to Smoochiegals group if shes set it up when she comes back on.

    You can message me or leave you name and profile pic details on here i will add you.

    My name begins with S and profile pic is my dog ... just so you dont think im some weirdo adding you on fb! xxx
  • Hi Flamingogirl,

    I've messaged you. Thank you!

    Nic xx
  • Emmarose26, I've sent you a friend request, when you accept then I can add you to the fb group. My initials are K C x
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