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help...i cant seem to find the facebook group

I've tried the link and am getting nowhere! If I log onto Facebook how do I find the group from there? X


  • Hi Maximo,

    I tried the link to test it for you and it seems to be working but that may just be because I'm in the group. Have you tried searching for April 2012 Mummies in your Facebook search bar? As it's a closed group you'd need to request to join.

    Alternatively, I would recommend messaging the person that set up the Facebook group which I believe is xStephxuk and see if she can join you?

    I will also ask the ladies in the group for advice. xx
  • Hiya

    Try this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/144658128968782/ if that doesnt work send me a private message on here and I can add you. image
  • can i just ask that if i join the fb group will you all be able to see my profile? id like to join to chat pregnancy etc but dont like the fact all my life will be visable when i dont personally know you all? does that make sense?
  • ladylewis no we won't be able to see anything on your profile that isn't already public so no need to worry about that x
  • ah ok thats lovely thank you! il join then x
  • Thanks for yr suggestions ladies! I shall try when I'm on my home computer as difficult on my phone. Looking forward to chatting to u all again x
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