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It's game over for me :,(

I introduced myself, but haven't been on much because I was afraid of another mc. I started bleeding yesterday and still bleeding today. It's not heavy, but after 2 previous mc's I know that bleeding in early pregnancy rarely has a happy ending. I went to doctors this morning, who sent me to epau, who took my bloods. They rang this afternoon and said they are very low at only 54, but that is still enough for a positive result. I have to go back Wednesday for repeats, which will no doubt confirm another mc. I took another home test today when I got back from the hospital and the line was barely visible, whereas it had been very dark on the 2 I did last week, so hcg obviously going down.

I'm devastated and can't stop crying. I have to stay strong for my boys, but it's difficult. I just can't believe it's happened again. And to make things worse I looked online and the chances of mc after 2 live births and 2 mc's is 30-40%. So I only have around a 60% of maintaining another pregnancy, I'm totally gutted.

Anyway, I wish you all loads of luck and hope you have a h&h 8 months or so image



  • g/c but saw your thread on the main page. Just wanted to say how sorry I am but still hold on to that hope...nothing is definite yet so there is always a chance. And don't go looking at stats...I'm not sure how accurate they are and most things I read online are a bit OTT with negative outcomes as far as I'm concerned. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh hun, Just wanted to say how sorry I am. I know exactly what you're going through having had 3 mc's myself and it really never does get any easier. Dont torture yourself with some of the rubbish that is on the net. I have done it many times and have learnt from my mistakes as it just makes things worse.

    I am so sorry

    Thinking of you

    Amy xxx
  • I am so sorry you are going through this, I don't know what else to say but thinking of you.x
  • I'm also so sorry to read this. I've been through it and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    Forget the stats, they are rubbish as they are not tailored specifically to you.

    Hope that you get a happy surprise on Wed, if not stay strong.

    Sending lots of love xxx
  • Sorry to hear this! I have had 2 mc and know how you are feeling. I do agree with MrsDAO do not listen to the stats! Hope you are being looked after.
  • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am praying for a miracle and hoping bean is just settling itself in for the long journey, but if I'm honest I lost all hope when I woke this morning and I was still bleeding. It's gradually got heavier throughout the day, so I'm resigned to it being the end.

    My doctor said this morning that they won't do any tests to see why I have mc'd because I've had 2 normal pregnancies. I am going to push for tests though because it's 3 in 2 years, and 2 consecutive. If not I will look into paying for private tests.

    Thank you again for your lovely words and I hope the rest of your pregnancies go wonderfully image


  • So sorry to hear this image hope you're being looked after, thinking of you xx
  • Oh hunni, I really feel for you! I too have had 2 mc and my ds. Pls pay no attention to the internet stats! I looked and it said that I had a 9% chance of concieving in my last cycle and I am now nearly 6 weeks pg!! Hoping for a happy ending for you ((hugs))
  • Oh Sam,

    So very sorry to hear that. i know how you feel having had a mc last year. You never know what the tests might say though, stranger things have happened. Hope you're ok and being taken care of.

    Much love

    Sam xx
  • Hi Sam,

    I'm very sorry to hear this. How unfair that you have to go through this again after having gone through it twice already. I really feel for you. I have just had a mc so know how awful it is. I know it mst be very worrying for you but 60% is still very good odds for a healthy pregnancy next time although I know it probably doesn't make you feel any better as I was told I still have a very good chance but I feel no better for hearing it. Sending you lots of virtual hugs xxx
  • Hi

    Im so sorry to hear your sad news. My mum was told she couldn't have children, so i was a bit of a shock she then went on to have 3 mc's (one at 7 months which was awful she had to have 10 pints of blood and nearly died) and she still managed to bring my brother into the world with no problems. I think every pregnancys different and you can't judge what will happen in future from what has already happened. Stay strong im sure it will happen for you. x
  • Thank you ladies, your words of support mean so much.

    The bleeding has subsided today and is only like mild spotting, so it seems it's coming to an end.

    I cancelled the hospital appointment for repeat bloods because I know what the results will show. So I thought that a lady who really needs the appointment might as well have it.

    We're not sure if we are going to try again and are considering hubby having a vasectomy cos he's so devastated seeing me like this for a third time, he said he doesn't want me to risk me having to go through this again.

    I am trying to ignore the stats, but after this mc it seems like there may be some truth in it. Although, my sister was told she only had a 5% chance of having anymore babies, and that even if she got caught, carrying to full term would be impossible. She is currently 39 weeks pregnant. So I guess sometimes miracles do happen image

    Thank you again ladies.

  • So sorry to hear the outcome babe. Please don't let your husband do anything until both of you have really thought about what you both want and aren't so raw. xxxxxxx
  • Sorry to read this hon.

    I know you know only too well that the only thing to make you feel better is time so I hope it passes quickly and that you are back on your feet and able to think about your options without such a heavy cloud hanging over you.

    Wishing you lots of luck xxxx
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