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Finally...... had my 12 week scan

I know i'm massively behind you all but i've finally had my scan today and everything was fine! So happy!!! I'm actually 12 weeks 1 day (as i thought) not 13w but still clinging on to DIA as due on 28th!

Haven''t been on here for a while as was really anxious and getting myself in a state so so please everything was well today with a very active moody baby who didn't like being prodded one bit! :lol:


  • I'm so pleased for you, Essexmummy! I was exactly the same before my scan - very nervous and scared image My baby also didn't like being prodded much!

    Nic xx
  • Wonderful news! My baby seemed to revell in the prodding!!! Its going to be a bit of an exhibitionist, maybe?!! xx
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