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Hello all

I've been feeling very emotional over the last week! I keep getting upset over things that usually wouldn't bother me at work, and my poor DH doesn't know which wife he is going to get each day - happy image, grumpy :evil:, sad :cry:, moody image, jealous :? etc! Is anybody else finding this? I presume it is my hormones! I am so happy to be pregnant, but struggling with the emotional roller coaster I seem to be experiencing! Sorry to moan!



  • Me too! I am so happy to be pregnant but then get very grumpy for no reason! I cried last night when I was out to dinner with my friends, very embarrassing in public... Oh well, it's all for a good cause. X
  • My hormones seem to be making me irrational. I'm mainly worried about people dying. I have a whole plan in my head if my DH dies before I give birth!
  • Haha Windy me too! Mine has been away this week on holiday and ive been petrified something dreadful ws going to happen.

    Have also cried at Eastenders and Deal or No Deal in the last week!! Deranged!
  • Thanks, I feel reassured that it's not just me!


  • I've been having to stop myself crying at How To Look Good Naked this morning just seeing the how happy they all were at the end when she was confident with her body, I hope this is a good sign that I might have caught because if not, I am just deranged haha
  • Me too! Crying all over the place and picking irrational fights with poor DH...

    Fun this pregnancy lark!!
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