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anyone else having to change whole bedroom dynamics to fit newbeau?

Hey peeps now we are getting to our 12 weeks safe mark were are loking at the bedroom situation, as this is a surprise baby we are gonna have to have our DS's sharing so they will be 3 1/2 and 1yr, looking at bunkbeds but i dont want me DS1 to have a new bed as he only jus got his new mid sleeper toy story bed which he loves back in june, i was thinking of getting a toddler bed to fit underneath for ds2 and cutting the legs off so its pretty flat to the floor ds1 was in a bed at 1 because he climbed out so im not worried with ds2 going in bed at young age. Not ideal but what can you do? lol

its better than newbeau in with 1yr old that sleeps well! alsoo my and dh will move into our ds1 room so the boys can have the biggest room (which also has a shower room) things we do for our kids eh! haha well this will be the arrangement untill we can get a room in the roof....

anyone else having to shift atround? :roll:


  • Oh, you are so nice giving up your shower room!! Lol. We've changed our plans slightly but nothing as drastic as you. We were going to move our son out of his bedroom which is the smallest and keep that one as the nursery. But we'll never fit 2 cots in there so now the twins will have to have the second biggest bedroom and my son will need to stay where he is. Which means we'll need to redecorate both bedrooms instead of just the one. But definitely not as big a sacrifice as you :lol:
  • I agree, your too nice giving up the shower room!! :lol:

    As this was also a surprise baby we've got a bit of a hectic situation to sort (we were currently saving for a new house as we live in a 2 bed but now we need to buy baby things & a bigger car 1st :roll: ) so my girl n boy will carry on sharing which they seem to love anyway & don't like to be apart. And the new baby will be in with bus until we can afford to move again, unless there's anything at a reasonable price to rent instead xx
  • We live in a private let 2 bed. Currently ds is in his toddler bed and dd is in the cot (both in same room). When my step son comes down he has to sleep on an air bed (plan is to eventually get bunkbeds for the boys). This one will be in with us obv and when s/he is moved into the cot when dd is out s/he will go into the room with them.

    We have had to move around so much due to landlords deciding to sell up so I refuse to move again to a 3 bed unless it's a council one (unless this landlord decides to sell but he emigrated to Canada so it's not likely).
  • We have been waiting on the council list too but we are getting no where. Even when our landlords have been selling we were told we would have to officially go homeless but that could never be an option with the kids. We won't even be seen as over crowding when we have 3 in one room (during all school hols inc 6 weeks in summer we have my 7 year old step son too so will have 4) They don't take a baby under 1 year into account as say a child can share a parents room until they are 2. Children under 10 count as half a person and they say 2 people in 1 room so we still have no hope. image

    Don't know what it's like where you guys are but here is really bad for housing unless you are willing to live in flats in really dodgy areas. I would rather pay the extra rent for a smaller house and feel my kids are safe. It's ridiculous.
  • If we moved into a 3 bed private let we would never get moved into a council house so we are making do with what we have. It's not so much the rent it's the insecurity I don't like. 2 of our houses have been sold so we don't feel we can make ourselves at home and don't want to spend the money decorating in case it happens again. At least with a council house, we are there as long as we want and don't have to ask permission to decorate our kids room. xx
  • I agree, you might as well stick it out in the 2 bed while you can and hopefully the council will offer you a 3 bed once baby is here!! I think that's our plan now as well.

    We live in cornwall and we've been on the housing list for four years now so Im hoping once baby no3 is here we might be moved up bands and get somewhere!

    We're lucky that my Inlaws bought this house when we were expecting our first and we just pay them the standard monthly rent for our area, I love the security that it's our place and no1 will ask us to move and we can do whatever we like here whereas to rent a 3 bed it's gonna cost about ??800 a month which is stupid and we could be asked to move out at any time which I don't like the thought of.

  • ??800 a month!! The most expensive 3 bed house around here is about ??650. We were ??600 a month at our last house which was 2 bed but it was 1 small double, 1 single and 1 box. Our rent now is almost ??100 cheaper but the rooms and much bigger. We are getting my step-son for a bit longer in the hols now so I'm hoping that will go in our favour as well as we want to be able to have a permanent bed and things for him as well as just now he has an airbed and his clothes get put away when he isn't here.
  • we're lucky that we only pay ??600 a month at the moment, compared to some other houses. I just dont know how they justify such high rent prices! We looked at a 3 bed for ??775 and two of the bedrooms were the same as what we have now and the 3rd room would only fit a single bed and chest of drawers in and downstairs was just a bathroom, kitchen and living room, whereas we have a large dining room in our 2 bed (mainly used as a toy room) if we were to move we wouldnt have actually gained any living space as such.

    I should imagine you would be eligible for a 3 bed if you have 3 children plus your step son over the holidays as that's quite alot over the holidays!! xx
  • Well I'm hoping so. It's not nice bringing him down and having him sleeping on the floor near enough with his clothes just sat on top of the unit. We would like to make a room that's his as well as Liams but there's no way we can do it just now.

    House prices are ridiculous for rent. It's probably because they know that some people have no choice but to pay it. Even trying to move you normally need about ??1500 between deposit, rent and estate agency fees. I've told dh we should all just cram into a 1 bed flat then they have to list us as priority lol. Have far too much "stuff" for that though xx
  • haha I like your theory there, they would have no option but to house you if you were in a 1 bed, might be a bit of a pain in the meantime though :roll:

    ahh just think it will all be worth it in the end, you will eventually get a house that's big enough and the rent will be considerably cheaper too I imagine (it is here) xxx
  • yeah our rent would half, not to mention our gas. House we are in has single glazing so unless the heating is on full the house is freezing. Still it's a house, in a quiet area so it could be worse.xx
  • yeah your lucky to be in a nice area. I love the area we're in compared to where some of the council houses are situated. xx
  • It's so expensive to rent round here a 2 bed flat is around 700pm - I have to say we are lucky we moved out of our darter home back in April and are now in a 3 bed house we do own it but may need a room in the roof in the future which means a remortgage - we got a really good deal on our current house as it needed some work and had been on the market for over a year which is a long time roud here we are opposite ds1 preschool shops and dr down the road and hospital about 20 minutes away
  • I was going to make my DD and new baby share a room irrelavent of new babies sex...does anyone know how long I can get away with that for? x
  • Mummy Em's, they can share until the eldest is 8 years old.

    We have a 3 bed currently so my ds will move in with my dd and the nursery stay a nursery. Then once everyone is a bit older whichever we have 2 of the same sex they will share one room and the other will have the smaller room.

    ??800 for a 3 bed is a good price, you're lucky to find one for less than ??950 a month around here. My sister pays ??800 for hers but has 1 very small double and 2 teeny box rooms for her and my 2 nephews. Its teeny !!!
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