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17 month girl not fond of meals

My 17 month daughter will hardly touch her tea at night. But if we put a bowl of chips down for her she will go nuts! She will take a few small mouthfulls then push my hand away and say 'all done'. She is healthy and all that i hope this is just a phase cause its very annoyning.


  • my girlie is similar, she has a thing for chips at the moment (16 months)

    she does eat everything else usually, just sometimes shes a bit fussy, im not too worried yet, theyre still only young and developing their tastes.

    can u do things like homemade chips which are slightly healthier?
  • My LO is 23 months now I recall a phase of not eating dinner at around 17 months. It was a independence think 'hey look I can say no'!! I've found a few staples that she will eat e.g. omlette, pasta with peas and cream cheese that keep her going. Sometime I turn the meals around as well i.e. dinner at lunchtime and a lighter meal at tea - that helps.

    Have you tried being sneaky and making parsnip or carrot (crisps)? Use a potato peeler to make slices and roast them in the oven covered in a little olive oil.
  • I posted this topic wrong... she is not 17 months but 29. I was a year behind lol!
  • That makes more sense to me Macca. I have a 17 month old and a 38 month old.

    My daughter would eat absolutely anything at 17 month old - well from 6 months until about 2.5 years (about where you are now) and then became much more fussy. I think it's just a phase but I don't believe in pushing food. She eats pasta, mashed potato, chips or rice with fish fingers, chicken or egg and either peas & corn, cucumber or baked beans. That's about it TBH except for puddings, cereal and fruit. However she eats a much wider range of foods at nursery so I don't worry too much. She'll start to eat more soon, I think most children do. I don't see it as an eating disorder and always tell her she doesn't need to eat if she doesn't want to as I don't want simple toddler fussiness to turn into one.

    Just continue to offer food. I wouldn't put chips down every night, she won't starve if she misses one meal especially if her main meal is at lunch. In fact Abby often just has a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast at tea if she's had a big lunch - unlike my son who will eat a small horse 3x day if I let him. image

    H xx
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