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We had our first consultation last week!

Hi ladies,

We had our first consultation last week at a private fertility clinic and they have advised us to try IUI. DH has low morphology but all other levels are fine so they are not concerned with the morphology as the Dr said that the other readings are more important. My AMH level came back as fine so I'm just waiting for AF to arrive so I can book in the HSG and then we hope to begin treatment end of March/early April!!!

I'm so pleased to finally be moving forward and having the option of trying IUI before going down the IVF/ICSI route x


  • hey loopy,

    how good does it feel to finally be getting somewhere. i got my appoint for the start for ivf today so really excited too.

    hopefully we'll be getting our long awaited bfp's soon xxx
  • Congrats loopy, and Hannah ( read your other post, but thought I'd post for both on this one!). Hopefully everything will move speedily... Muchos exciting.

    Bit quiet round here these days- lots of graduations. I'm avoid the fora as it just reminds me that I've not got lucky. Yet.

    I'm back in clinic in April for an ivf referral, but, my cycle seems to have settled down to a semi-regular 35 days, so I'm keeping optimistic I might still catch before that...

    Good luck

  • HannahBelle1979 yay for your IVF appointment hun its a great feeling isn't it? It's really nice to be moving forward and making progress.

    Pumpkin-81 glad to hear your cycles have settled down hun and I hope April comes around really quickly for you - well its nearly March alreadyimage

    I'm wishing away the weeks now until we can get started x
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