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It's quiet in here!

Just checking in and saying hi - the DIA board has been really quiet so hoping everyone is happy and healthy and just plodding along image

I'd love to get to know you guys better - I try and stop by most days so if anyone just fancies a general pregnancy chat let's get it going here image

Cee xx


  • Hi Ceelou

    How are you feeling? I'm fine now I feel a lot less nauseous! I had another scan today as our bean was too small for the Nuchal Translucency test at the first one. It was lovely to see him/her again. It has doubled in size from 41mm to 84mm in the last two and a half weeks! My dates and size are back in sync again! I could see more detail; clear heartbeat, 4 limbs, bladder etc! It still wasn't playing ball for the test though as it was in he wrong position and refused to move to the right one when prodded! Just likes its daddy; doesn't like to do what its told!! I left feeling very protective of my bump!


  • It is rather quiet, isn't it? I've popped into the Pregnancy forum occasionally, which is a little busier.

    I tend to just want to post topics about my indigestion and bowel movements, so I've tried to avoid it too much!

    Generally feeling quite chipper at the mo, although work is really getting me down. I am actually beginning to think that my boss (who runs the business pretty much single-handed and is not making any money) is on her way to a mental breakdown. I seem to be bearing the brunt of her insecurities and taking the blame for any problems. She's been funny with me ever since I told her I was pregnant (and she knows about all our struggles ttc). I'm now looking forward to going on maternity asap and have a potential position somewhere else for when I return to work. Its so sad, as I was really happy there before all this and was looking forward to introducing everyone to my little one when he/she arrives.

    On a lighter note, does anyone else know absolutely tonnes of people due before or around the same time as us? Its so bizarre, especially as the pregnancy announcements seem to have dried up now. Not so many due in September???

  • If anyone wants to join the private Facebook group, it's very busy! Let me know and I'll add you.

    I'm sooo tired at the mo. sickness is almost gone, phew. Have been I'll with a bad cold and can't clear my cough or sinuses. My bump is growing and my bras starting to dig in so need a new bra or 3. In maternity clothes now.

    Glad scan went well Looby!
  • Thanks Tashua. image

    Windy - that's terrible, your boss isn't allowed to treat you differently because of PG. it does sound like she's taking other things out on you image could you have a heart to heart and tell her how you feel?

    Lu x
  • Thanks Looby,

    My hubby has told me to talk to her too, but she's so irrational at the moment, I know she'll just turn it all around and it'll become a massive arguement. Not what I need! So I'm just smiling painfully, keeping my head down and getting on with it.

    Now, my next subject of conversation....has anyone else just suddenly ballooned?! I lost my bloating / water retention look-a-like bump and over the weekend its been replaced with what looks like a proper bump, but its huge!!!
  • Me too! Can't believe how much my bump seems to have grown in last two weeks!

    LL x
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