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screaming and farting

Hi guys the names John and im a first time dad. My wee man is nearly 6 weeks old and I have noticed that when he is trying to fart he is in a lot of pain. Im heartbroken watching this and worried it might be something bad. I first thought it may have been the milk he was on which was cow and gate but changed it to Aptimel comfort. Designed I nelieve to deal with colic and constipation. Would love to hear from yous if you can help me out with a bit of advice. Cheers


  • Hi,

    My daughter cried after all her feeds (first breast feed then aptamil comfort)and had terrible wind with pain. After seeing several doctors for colic, then reflux we eventually discovered she had a milk allergy at 5 months and after 2 weeks on a prescription milk she was like another baby.

    Not suggesting it's an allergy but if you find it goes on might be worth discussing with gp, hope he settles soon.
  • My daughter has severe colic and was the same. Colief drops in regular milk sorted her out a treat. It made her poo soft and yellow rather than green. In 'My Other Posts' I have written quite a long post about dealing with colic. Would really recommend Colief, it saved my sanity xx
  • if all else fails go to your doctor and ask for a prescription of Infant Gaviscon. This is the only thing that worked for my son, whos now 7 months. They tried to fob me off but i stood my ground and so glad i did as the colief was unless and he was a different baby after the gaviscon.
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