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Due in October, and hubby away for birth


I am 7 week pregnant and due Oct 14th. This will be my 2nd child but my hubbies 1st. My husband joined the Navy last year and has just been given his first ship, this will mean he will be away for most of the pregnancy and the birth, was hoping it would have been different this time round as with my first i was a single parent, was looking forward to sharing all the pregnancy milestones with him.

look forward to all your support and advice

Nicky :?


  • Hi

    I really feel for you my hubby is in the merchant navy. When we first met he was away for 5 months at a time but now he has another job where he is only away for 3 weeks at a time. My due date is right in the middle of one of his away's though. It sounds like you have an even worse deal than me. Im not sure if this is possible for you but we are going to look into skype so that we can have video calls when im in labour, through the pregnancy and after so that he can see his child when he is away.

    We have also been trying to be positive in that when he is home he will be able to spend 100% of his time with the child not just evenings and weekends like most fathers, kind of like concentrated doses lol.
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