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SA Referrals

Hello ladies,

We were told it would be about 6/8 weeks for hubby's SA appointment. I am now fuming because it will be May at the earliest - in excess of three months! My cycles can be ridiculously long so this could massively delay things for us image

How long did it take for your (hubby's!) appt from referral?

I'm considering going privately for this test (there's a clinic fairly locally) but I need to check with gp if we're even allowed to do this. Have any of you gone privately for tests to cut down waiting time which you then go back to the nhs with the results? And does anyone have any idea how much a private SA might be?


  • Some nhs clinics wont let you bypass waiting lists by using private tests to jump ahead as they see it as unfair on couples that can't afford to get tests done privately, In some places you can also lose your right to nhs treatment doing this. Your Gp should be able to tell you the rules of your pct though.
  • Thanks wibble - yes that's my worry about not being allowed to do it. I can see the point, but to me, this is our chance to have a baby they're screwing with! The delay could cost us several months of trying, and might mean we wouldn't be able to start Clomid until around august when it should be May or June. And with my 36th birthday this year, we are scared that we could miss out altogether just for the sake of his appointment being delayed. I wonder whether the fact that this is for Clomid rather than more extensive treatment will make a difference?
  • Hi,

    My hubs got his SA test within 3 wks of doc refering us. Although the test was done at a private clinic that also do tests for nhs in our area, so im not sure if this is why we were so lucky.
  • Hi Dudders1 my DH has has 3x SA's ont he NHS. The first

    one was straight away, the second one we had to wait 3 months and the third one was about a month wait so it took us about 6 months to get them all done.

    I'm not sure if you can pay for private tests and then go to the NHS I think sometimes they will make you do them again anyway. Our doctor had the attitude that its not as if we're 38 but like you said the sooner you get started the better.

    We've decided to go private because there was a 6 month wait on top to see the consultant and then a further 18 month wait for treatment, its just too long. So since January I went to an open evening at a private fertility clinic, I've see a consultant, had my HSG, AMH blood and we had our HIV/Hep B/C tests today so if all is ok with them then we'll be starting IUI at the end of March whereas on the NHS I won't even see the consultant until June.

    Perhaps you could have a private SA test just for piece of mind and help you decide the next step? It cost ??70 at the clinic I'm in. Good luck I hope it all works out for you x
  • My hubby went to the GP at the start of February and got an SA referral and has his appointment on Tuesday next week, so about 6 week wait for us in total.
  • We still haven't even had an appointment through!

    On the upside, I spoke to our gp and he will allow us to start Clomid regardless of whether we have hubby's results and then play it by ear for the second month, which is such a relief! He did say we could go privately for the test, but at this stage, we don't need to.

    Currently taking tablets to induce af so she should be here within the week. Then day 21 bloods and the best of all, doc won't make me wait for natural af or another 3 month wait before inducing it like we had this cycle. So we'll be starting our first month of Clomid about mid May image
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