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Is pregnancy changing me?

Hi all,

I know pregnancy should affect us quite considerably, what with all the hormones and the major life changes/responsibilities coming our way, but I'm starting to feel like I've been pregnant forever!! But in a good way!

My lifestyle has started to change distinctly in many ways, but all good ways. Then all the things I am proud of myself for (pre-pregnancy!)are still important to me. Is pregnancy making me a better person, or has my concept of an admirable lifestyle changed slightly?

I'm tidier in general, get pleasure from cooking and cleaning up every day and being a good housewife. I'm out in the garden growing my veggies and keeping it tidy. All this I would often do before, but would have to force myself to do it begrudgingly!

I'm hoping its not just a passing phase, as this more organised, motivated and caring "me" is making a much nicer place to live in!


  • you just sound like you're very happy and content to be pregnant, and you deserve to be. Everything feels better when something lovely is happening! x
  • It sounds like you are nesting! Its normal and will probably continue once your baby arrives and you get into a routine. I have always been obsessive about keeping the house tidy with everything in its place. However, my daughter is 8 months old and I have learned to relax a little; if there is a choice between washing up and sitting on the playmat with my girl I choose to play, and during the day there are toys everywhere and it doesn't bother me. However, I still have to clean everyday. Once she has gone to bed I need to make sure the house is completely clean because she crawls and I am terrified of germs. Between the hours of 7pm and 6am my house is ordered and tidy, then my monster wakes up and im happy to allow chaos to rule. Motherhood certainly changes you, but in a good way x
  • I agree with what the other ladies say. It sounds like you are very happy and contented and nesting. I have read some of your posts and know you had to wait a while to get your bfp and I am so pleased it worked out ok for you in the end Windy. You sound like a lovely person. Wishing you all the best x
  • That's lovely Windy. I'm feeling good too and very positive at the moment. I just need to get organised now! :roll:

    Lu xx
  • Thank you all! I hope it does last and I am very content, I'm so relieved to be enjoying pregnancy- despite all the aches, pains and insomnia! Hope everyone else is loving it too! xx
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