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So excited, eeeeekkkk.....

Just had to share as I cant contain my excitement any longer. On Friday were booked in for our early gender scan at 10.30am. I do hope there is a girl there! We have a little fella already and it would be typical that these twins are both boys lol. I would be over the moon if all is well with them but an added bonus would be to have a boy and girl there cos would love to experience having a girl but would also love another boy image

Cant wait to find out what the twinnies are!!

Got my due date a few weeks ago which is 11th October but as Im already suffering from pretty bad SPD they wont let me go past 37 weeks, so these babies will be born at the latest mid september.

Any one else getting a gender scan??

I noticed someone else is having twins, cant remember who it is?? Hope everyone is doing OK and starting to enjoy their pregnancys with little symptoms now?

Amy with 2 beanies 15+4 xxx


  • Ah how fabby! I would love a gender scan but hubby won't allow as we're going on holiday a week tomorrow and that's cost this months wages image I'm excited for you lol! Even though you'll be early we are due on the same day image xx
  • Fingers crossed there is a girl there. I must admit I am hoping my one is a girl, but hubby say's we have to wait until the 20 week scan to find out. I'm officially due 24 th Oct, but had to be induced early due to obstetric cholestasis, so is probably that i will get that again so anytime in October really. Hope all goes ok with the scan. x

  • Goldiemad how did it go? I'm dying to know your flavours image xx
  • well.....I came out in tears unable to control my emotions. Sonographer mustve thought I was crazy!!

    We have a beautiful boy who is twin 1...he will come first and is laid under a gorgeous GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Girly was on her front facing her brother, it really was amazing to find out I got exactly what Id wished for!!!

    It makes me wonder which spermie would have made it there first if Id only released the one egg and what sex we wouldve had with a single baby lol.

    We took Adam our 2.5 yr old with us and he was amazed to see the 2 babies in mammys belly that weve been harping on about for so long lol. We have a doppler and he thinks its hilarious when he hears them moving but to see them was great. Now he just keeps saying "me want babies on my knee when they get bigger and bigger and I can stroke them" (we have 3 dogs so he thinks you have to stroke everything lol)so cute!! They are both 11.5cms each and doing so well, no wonder im massive already lol. I really cant believe I get to use all of Adams baby clothes over again AND BUY PINK!! Absolutely fantastic

    A very happy Amy with a blue and pink beanie at 16+2 yey!!!!! x

  • Yay! I know how you feel. With 2 boys i know i Will sob and sob with happiness if we find out this one is a girl. But i guess it Will be what it Will be. Congratulations hun Xxx
  • Congrats, must have been such a special moment, especially with your little boy there to see the babies too. x

  • Yay! Congratulations hun image x
  • So pleased that you got the news that you wanted image

  • That's brilliant news for you! I can't wait till Saturday to find out blue/pink. My dd is 2 and not sure if she understands but my 7 year old is so excited. Vicki
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