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14 weeks - no man's land!

Anyone else feeling like this? Had my scan two weeks ago but now feeling in no man's land. After 2 mc I can't help but worry that baby might have died after the scan and am desperate for some early movements to prove me wrong. 3 more weeks until my mw appointment where hopefully she'll listen for heartbeat. In the meantime I just have to take comfort in the fact that I heave when brushing my teeth and hope that everything is still ok.


  • Hi, I hope you don't mind me replying, feel like I'm intruding as no one replied to my hello post :S

    ......but have you considered getting an angelsounds doppler so that you can hear your baby's heartbeat? I had one during my last pregnancy and got it out again this time around and its been really reasurring. It can take a while to find the heartbeat but if you drink a glass of water beforehand and be patient then its well worth it! I use mine every few days for reasurrance! Just checked and they are only £20ish on amazon at the mo......might be worth considering?

    Other than that I'm definately trying to take comfort from the fact that I wretch over absolutely everything!


  • Funnily enough, I ordered one this morning. I hadn't planned to as I'd heard people say that if you struggle to hear the heartbeat, that can make you worry more. However, I caved and have got one on the way. Hopefully I'll be able to get it working and hear the hb with no problems. Have you put any weight on yet? I am the same as before my bfp - another thing to worry about.
  • They are definately worth it, just remember to use lots of gel, drink lots of water, press quite firmly down with the doppler and I think you tend to find the heartbeat best near your pubic hairline.

    I haven't been weighing myself but I have quite a bump already as I never really toned up my stomach muscles after having my first! I know plenty of people who didn't put on any weight for ages and all was fine...hopefully your doppler will arrive soon for reasurrance!

  • Rachuk6 - you aren't intruding at all! Sorry no one replied to your post, this forum is really quiet! Woluk - I had my Doppler delivered at 7+6 so you did very well not to cave before now! I too feel in no mans land, but of a lul til you can feel baby or have 20 week scans, whichever is first, I had a huge bleed on Thursday night and spent the night in hospital, luckily all is fine with our baby so feel very blessed and lucky to have been able to see him or her again image xx
  • HI Ladies I havent posted before - so a quick hello!!

    I am 16 +4 and I was feeling the same - had scan all ok - then off you go and nothing!!  also my sickness has now gone so have no symptoms altho do have a slight bump! 

    But had to have a consultatnt appt on tuesday due to previous c-section and got to hear babies heartbeat then so that has made me feel so much better - and hopfully it wont be too long now until we all start feeling movements!!

  • Hey Ladies 

    Im 14 +6 I am in the same boat as you I had my 12 week scan at 12 +5 i thought i would be like 14 weeks but nope im due oct 21st and since being pregnant i have had hardly any symptoms i've rarely had sickness, sore boobs only for the first couple of weeks the people i work it are always telling me they forget im pregnant and some times i think do i forget because there are no signs!

    I don't know if its because im a size 10-12 and only 5ft3 that my bump looks like its forming but just feels like fat image  Im waiting on a date for my 20 week scan because so many people must be pregnant at the moment i know about 15 and they all seem to have bumps/feeling movement!  Im glad im not the only one feeling like this x

  • Hello cas & bljb image Ah t'is a bugger the wait for 20 week scans or movement, I'm sure it'll be here in no time and we'll have feet lodged in our ribs and baby hiccups image x
  • I had my 16 week appointment on Tuesday and the Dr couldn't find the HB! Luckily I've borrowed a doppler and I managed to find baby's HB the next day - phew! Look's like this baby is going to be causing trouble from the start!

  • Used my doppler for the first time today and after a nervous few minutes managed to find the placenta swooshing, and then the heartbeat going like the clappers. A big relief that everything still seems ok. I'm 16 weeks today and rang up and got my combined test result this morning which is apparently 1 in 6900 - another relief. Hope you ladies are all doing ok.
  • HI ladies

    I just wondered if i could join u all, I am very late as i'm very nervous about joining you as suffered 2 previous m/c. I should be due on 21st october but since having first scan couple of weeks ago i am convinced something has gone wrong. I have just been reading your posts about the doppler, it seems a really good idea but i would probably panic cause I couldn't find the HB. I really don't know what to do i have my 16wk midwife appt on 14th May but i'm getting so nervous incase she can't hear anything! Would u advice buying a doppler?

    Nicki xx

  • Hey Nicki

    I brought one because a friend i worked with had one but she used hers ALL the time and they do advise you not to get one because if you can not find the heart beat you will become stressed but at the same time i have had a couple of times where i have spotted and before getting to stressed out i use mine and it just makes us feel 1000x better just hearing the heart beat and i can kind of keep an eye on baby myself before rushing to the hospital. The only thing i would advise is do not use it to often i try and use it once a month unless i do spot or this may sound REALLY silly but in one week i saw 1 magpie near enough every day so just gave me this horrible feeling and i felt like i just had to check so i guess its handy because other wise i would of let the silly magpie thing worry me which as i said it is REALLY silly but hearing the heart beat put my mind at rest! 


  • Hi ,

    I must admit i was sceptical about buying one, as had brought a different one for my first pregnacy but could never get it to work properly. However I brought an angelsounds one last weekend after reading the posts, tried it out yesterday (with the gel) and it was brilliant. Took me a little while to get the right place, as could only get mine first of all. But tried it low down and it was clear as anything. Was that clear I called my other half to listen ( he is really nervous about anything to do with the baby at mo). Def the best thing I could have brought, has eased my mind. xx

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