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Hi ladies,

How are you all doing with names. So far on our list is:

Imogen (Immy), Annaleigh,, Eliza, Freya,Isabella(Bella), Mia,Rosie,Livvy.


Middle names will probably either be Mark/Gary or Josephine/Ann/Ivy.

Its a nightmare choosing this time with DS he was named after our Grandads so nice and easy.


  • Aww I like all those names! It's soo difficult having 2 boys I only like there names haha if we had a girl it would have been isobelle for a boy we have alot on our maybe list but I think the top one is Noah, then ther is Dylan and Finlay but that's about it lol It's soo hard! Spesh when you mention it to family and you get the eeererr and that's a horrible name comments lol x
  • Hi ladies, we are nowhere near decided but we like Poppy for a girl, and Max, Luca and Stan if we have a boy. I have a feeling this baby is a girl though. Only another 20 weeks till we find out!!! We have never found it easy to pick names. We had one name for a girl and one for a boy and have used them both up already! Hope everyone is well! xx
  • It really is a nightmare its our scan tomorrow and still not sure if we are finding ut or not...

  • For a girl we have Jessica Lyndsey but we're struggling with a boy name (and I'm 99% convinced this is a boy). We know the middle name will be Ross. We like traditional names & have knocked about Henry, Edward & James but with a son already called Thomas I'm starting to see a Thomas The Tank Engine theme!!!
  • Love all of your names!! It's just too hard to decide, I swear this baby will be born and won't have a name lol So far we like Evie or lottie but I'm not 100% in love with those names, her middle name will be rose image xx
  • I love Evie!  A name I also loved was Elsie (also goes well with Rose cherries) but dh said no. x

  • Ooh that's pretty too!! xx
  • My daughter is called summer I found it hard to choose as I am not a lover of shorterning names we all seem to take ages choosing then use short names but that just me think I got it from my mum lol We like Jaskson David Thomas Or Daisy Jane sky ???
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