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First midwife appointment

I called the central maternity services number for our area and now have my first midwife appointment and scan date booked!! seeing the midwife at the end of May and scan the end of June! very exciting image anyone else got theirs booked yet? seems incredibly efficient let's hope it continues lol!!



  • Gosh - that was quick, well done! I am off to the docs on Friday morning and they will refer me, so it's just a case of waiting for a phone call/letter then. All v exciting!!

  • Hi ladies! Nice to 'meet' you both!

    Im at the docs tomorrow morning and i too will get refered so i too will be waiting! Soooo exciting! imageimage.X

  • Hello, I'm going to gp this afternoon with two things - my pregnancy, of course, and a horrid cold. Hope to meet a midwife asap!

  • Aww good luck jollyJoey! I had to cancel mine due to me feeling rotten with a cold and being able to get there.

    So rescheduled it to the 15th of May so should be 7 1/2 weeks then!

    Let us know how you get on! X

  • Hi, I've just came back from the doctors. I need to give a sample of my fmu to send away, I'll know results on Thu. Only then they can refer me. I don't want to wait lol

    My cold (laryngitis) is viral, can't do much about it, gp said, at least I can take paracetamol.


  • Get well soon girls.  I think I'm coming down with it.  Sore throat and small cold at the mo


  • I had my app with gp tonight. She was very efficient, filled out the form for my referral to midwife. Also gave my prescription exemption form and a copy of Emma's Diary it's like a magazine book thing with loads of info in it. I'm shattered today, struggling to hide the exhaustion at work! Now feeling really sick again tonight! Bleurgh! Hope u all feel better soon xxx
  • We don't even get the luxury of seeing a gp at our doctors the receptionist just gives you the midwife phone number lol
  • Same here Iggypop - I was given an envelope with a form to fill in and a contact number.  I'm bursting to tell someone I'm pregnant!  xx

  • ive booked my appointment with midwife for 28th may and booked a private scan for the 24th image cant wait to see that little heartbeat xxx

  • You dont get to see the midwife and book in in our area until 8 weeks. They dont even confirm your pregnancy. All i need to do is ring the surgery tmrw and they will get the midwife to ring me to make an appointment for when i'll be 8 weeks xx

  • Sounds like more waiting, awful, Wishfulthinking! At least after that it won't be long until your first scanimage Looks like it's different in every place. My pregnancy was confirmed at the surgery and now I have my appointment with midwife next Wednesday! Yay!


  • Ladies when do you think i should contact my gp to confirm my pregnancy as i only found out today so very early days for me like 4 weeks. x

  • Massive congratulations Charlotte76image This is great newsimage Have a h&h nine monthsimage

    As to your question, I was advised to contact gp when it was past my supposed af date. It might take some time before you get referred, you might have to provide a sample etc. so I think it's better to go early. I went just after my fifth week begun. xxxx

  • Hi ladies, i soooo can't wait till the 15th!

    Feeling a lot better, still a bit snuffly but better! Will be going in this week to get a sample bottle so they can confirm it! Even tho i know i am lol image.

  • I rang the GPs yesterday, the midwife likes to make her own appointments and will be calling me on Tuesday image so glad it's my previous midwife image) she'll probs make my appt for the end of the month, looking at the calendar it will probs be the 29th when I'll be 7 +4 or possible the following Tuesday when I'd be 8 +4 xx
  • I tried to ring my central booking line yesterday but no answer, so have to wait till monday to get my appointment!!


  • Hi ladies,

    I've got an appointment with my Dr at 11.40am today ekkk I'm so excited!! x

  • Hi ladies I was a bit disappointed with my Dr tbh, I had to go to get a prescription so wasn't a wasted journey but with regards the pregnancy she told me to ring the surgery in a couple of weeks time and book an appointment with the midwife. I wouldn't have minded if this is normal procedure but she kept saying that lots of people get a +ve pregnancy test and then miscarry so it's best to wait a bit longer as you dont want to be making and cancelling appointments!!! This was the last thing I wanted to hear after all we've been through to get a BFP, I wonder if it's because I've had fertility treatment? I wonder sometimes if the NHS dr's don't like it if u've paid to go private for help. It feels like she's expecting things to go wrong for me because I've had help in getting pregnant! Do u understand how I feel ladies or am I being overly sensitive? Thanks x
  • Hi Loopy, I don't think you're oversensitive, I think the doctor was extremely insensitive and rude to you. She could just say 'it's the procedure', instead of saying things like that! Especially because she knows about your long ttc and treatment. Dont't worry about her, the weeks will go quickly, and you don't even have to see her again throughout your pregnancy at all, just the midwife. Take care xx

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