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Stretch marks... sigh!

Hiya ladies,

Firstly for some reason I cant access my old account so I have had to re-register, ive kept my name but added "2" on the end.

Right I know this is a much discussed topic online and everyone says the same things really (trust me ive spend hours looking into thistopic area) but im still  intrigued how we are all doing in regards to stretch marks???

I got them in puberty and I am convinced I wont avoid them in pregnancy. I am trying really hard to not over indulge in this pregnancy and I put palmers butter on twice a day PLUS bio oil on twice a day and drink gallons of water!!! I scrub my belly with a body brush and have even contrmplated popping vitamin E tablets on my belly now for good measure (I know a little obsessed right???).

I was fairly relaxed about it until we got pregnant and my inlaws straight away said I MUST use oils everyday to avoid stretchmarks and even went on to show me my MIL stomach which is "perfect" after 2 babies. The fear crept in and I felt myself buying every oil I could find. Dont get me wrong my inlaws are lovely and I know they mean well but they honestly believe if I butter up I just wont get them. Each week they ask me how im doing and if im still stretchmark free. My MIL even looked at my belly to check... eak!

I have tried to say im more likely to get them then not to, but they refuse to listen and say its not genetics but down to buttering up!

Again I must stress that they are lovely and perfect inlaws... its just this random thing they have in their head and it has scaredme wittless.

Im getting down with it now and im terried of getting them...

Sooooooooooo my question is what are you doing to prevent them?

Have you got them and if so when and where a bouts?

Any advice in generla on this would be most appericated!!! image

Thanks lovely ladies!



  • Ive used bio oil from the start and I'm COVERED in stretch marks they look bile but I'm not stressing coz it's all part of being a mummy image xx
  • Vile not bile!!!!! Xx
  • i used cocoa butter from body shop, x8 big tubs from roughly 12 weeks onwards - not just tummy, but boobs, bum, hips and sides too (often people get them on their sides). i didnt get them but all the evidence shows what you do makes no difference, all down to genes im afraid. also they usually happen in the last couple of months when the skin is under pressure.

    i found my skin was very tight and itchy at the end so it was nice to spoil myself anyway.

    its very rare for people to get the deep purple stripey kind. most people who get them get light ones that fade.

    Its a labour of love for our LOs. your MIL might not have stretch marks but i doubt she got away scott free - maybe has saggy boobs or tummy lol! x

  • I also got stretch marks in puberty, on my inner thighs and breasts. They totally freaked me out as they were angry and red before they faded to silvery and i didn't know what they were at first!

    I used Asda Little Angels stretchmark cream on my bump as i got a free sample from the baby show, but i didn't start until about 5 months. It seemed to be doing it's job until about 37 weeks when i spotted a rogue mark! I got a couple more, but they didn't seem that bad - until baby was out! Because they'd been stretched they looked better when my belly was tight, so when my skin all loosened up they were quite angry, and it actually looked like flames coming out of my c section scar! image

    7 months later they're not particularly noticeable, and i'm actually quite proud of them, and my section scar, as it kind of proves what my body can do - i made an actual little person who is amazing, and if a few marks are the price to pay then so be it! I'm still planning to get my bikini out for my summer holiday in just over a month!

    My advice is not to worry. I read that if you're gonna get them, you're gonna get them, your MIL perhaps just has excellent genes! I can't understand why they're so bothered anyway.


  • You will either get them or you won't and no amount of cream or worrying will make a difference! I got them as a teenager and got them last pregnancy. I wasn't covered but had some on my lower tummy and a few around my belly button. Ive just noticed a few small pink ones appearing now at almost 30 weeks. I would save the bio oil for after as it is supposed to improve the appearance of them after. They do fade away to tiny marks after.
  • Hi,

    Ive also had to change my profile from BennettB2B as I couldnt access the new site!

    I dont have any stretch marks yet and have been using palmers cocoa butter most days but not religiously!! I do fully expect to get some nearer the end just hope they really shouldnt worry yourself it will be the last thing you think about when your bundle of joy is here image


  • Hiya,

    I've been using palmers coaca butter on my arms, chest and boobs (as my skin has felt dry obvs hoping not to get stretchmarks on arms, hehe) although some friends recommended it for boobs so they don't get stretchmarks and they're ok so far. Then on my bump, hips, lower back, sides and tops of thighs I use bio oil twice a day. No stretchmarks yet (32 weeks tomorrow), but like the other girls I tend to think it is more of a genetic thing and based on your skin type - some girls are lucky and don't get any even when they use no creams and others get lots even though they use a whole load of creams and oils. I'm still waiting to get through these last 8 weeks as well as I'm sure this is when the most growing is going to happen so not out of the woods yet. Either way, I'm not going to stress too much, they are the best kind of blemishes you can get in my opinion - mummy marks!! So we should be proud of them even though we'd prefer not to have them!.x.

  • Hi Ladies,

    I've been using Bio Oil religiously on my belly and no stretch marks but i haven't been doing my boobs and i do have some there! My boobs to be fair have grown stupidly huge!

    I'm hoping for none on my belly, my mum hasn't got any either and had 3 pregnancies.

    I think it is in the genes personally xx

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