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Kicks getting bigger

Can definitley feel baby now.  Dh felt it for the first time over the weekend  image  At the scan the sonographer said the placenta was lying between baby and my stomach so it might be that movement isn't felt as much. xx


  • My hubs felt it for the first time at the weekend too, although to me the movements feel massive & I can see my tummy moving sometimes already!! This baby is particularly fond of my bladder!!!
  • Yep we can see little tremors just now.  I seem to have grown a lot over the weekend.  Have a feeling I'm going to be quite big this time around.  Makes me a bit nervous as ds was 7lb2, dd was 8lb1 (which was a shock to everyone as was told she was around 6lbs) so if this one follows the rest of the pack it will be another 1lb added giving me around a 9lber.  I have a tiny frame so these bigger than average babies take their toll towards the end.

  • I feel as though there's a constant party in my tummy, the kicks are so strong now and it's quite visible from the outside too!! I seem to be huge now so I'm dreading how big this baby is going to be, my first was 8lb and my second was 9lb 6oz so if this one follows suit it'll be a 10lber :/ I wouldn't mind if I was big but I'm usually only a size 8 so not big Cherries 23+5 xx
  • I'm normally only a size 8 too and I've already gone up to around a 12 although I'm just wearing maternity instead of going up sizes.  I was just under 9stone when Bella was born and I'm already 8st 2 lol.  With me being so tiny with bella I'm hoping size doesn't mean anything!  I was sent for growth scans and everything with her because my bump was so small. xx

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