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Seeing them words 'Pregnant'.....

Had to pee on a digital today just to see them word 'Pregnant'! Nipped out on my dinner time today just to buy one lol, I'm chuckling at myself not being able to wait until I get home and hanging round in the girls toilets at work then having the biggest grin all day long image xx


  • Lol, wasn't it great to see 'pregnant' 2-3image I took a pic of my test haha I wish the word stayed there for goodimage I knew I wouldn't resist peeing on it as soon as I bought it, I just gave in. Then I kept looking at it every five minutes for the next 24 hours haha xxx

  • I took piccys of mine as well image they need to make a way that it stays imprinted on the screen forever! lol


  • Ditto - pictures taken also.  I even went as far as getting them printed on my last pregnancy and stuck them in my baby journal diary thingy. Lovely keepsake X

  • I have only done first responce and got photo's of the 2 pink lines but now after reading your posts i have to go buy me a clearblue digital now tomorrow so i to can see the words pregnant on it. lol Im so excited image

  • lol Charlotte it's great when you get to see the word, somehow it makes it a bit more real than the lines.

    Izzybel, my friend gave me a pregnancy journal as a gift, I already printed the photo of the test to stick it in itimage


  • Well i just couldnt help myself just had to get a CB digital and went straight to loo, it came up very quickly with pregnant 2-3 image so excited even more now, and i even took photo to keep to lol xx

  • Haha i have taken photo's also when i did my CBDigis, 1st said 1-2 weeks and 2nd was 2-3 weeks image. What a great idea of printing the photo's off to put in a journal!.

     With ds i have still kept the 4 pg tests i did, they were all boots own brand the last 3 have faded and obv gone discoloured, but the first one is still there clear as day that little thin line in the window!image. X

  • I have my First Repsonse test from DD and it's still as clear as the day I did it. I do wonder what I am going to do with it long term - is DD going to want it?!!! I have kept the two tests I've done this time too. x

  • Hi Ladies, It was fantiastic seeing the words 'Pregnant' I was so shocked! Mine said 1-2 so I'm going to do another one on the weekend hoping to see 2-3 x

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