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eeeek! BFP at 10dpo! Baby number 2 on the way xxx


  • Congratulations! Wow, and your first is only 9 months old?! You're going to be busy!! image

    When will your EDD be?

  • Congratulations Kelly - hopefully I will be joining you soon! 

    How are you symptom wise this time? 

    Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy!

  • wooohooooooooooo congrats fab age gap image

  • Congratulations xx

  • Hi Kels!

    Congratulations. Fab news.

    Hope you and baby Ben are doing well.

    All the best for an H&H pregnancy.


  • thanks ladies.

    edd is 3rd jan 2013.

    dont feel too bad so far just so so tired and sicky off and on.

    ive always wanted a small age gap so 18 months is perfect.

    Mrsp u decided to go for it then image


  • We did, no joy yet but fc it'll happen soon image x
  • wow congratulations!!! image

  • massive congratulations! How very exciting. I hope you are still feeling well and not suffering with tiredness too badly. I remember being shattered at the start.

    I love my life with my two babies, it was really hard work at first with the lack of sleep but once everything started settling down it has been amazing. Tiring at times but wonderful!

    hugs xxx

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