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12 week scan nerves

I have my 12 week scan a week today and I am really worried that they will find something wrong or that the baby has stopped growing or something similar. I am actually terrified about going to the scan because I am convinced there will be a problem : (


does anyone else feel like this?  xxxx


  • I feel like this too!  mine is in 2 days time...really nervous, will be like a weight off my mind if all OK xx

  • I am exactly the same. Keep telling myself I need to relax about it as the stress I am feeling cannot be good for baby!

    Was feeling awful this morning (due to telling work) and then when I went to the loo there was some dark brown (possibly old blood?) discharge (sorry, far too much info but seems somehow acceptable in this scenario!) Rang EPU and they said to keep an eye on it but have had nothing else all day and no real pains.

    Mine isn't until 30th May so got a 'long' wait still. Just want to see a baby waving away at me and I hope that will calm me down?!

  • I think we're all getting those nerves Lullabelle - I keep telling myself it's perfectly normal to be worried. When you've been waiting for it for a long time it feels like it can't quite be true and something is going to happen to mess it all up. That was very morbid sorry!! I'll be positive now image We will all have lovely scans and be back on here in a week or two saying how relieved we are! x

  • even though ive had a few scans and one at 10 weeks 2 days and my 12 week one is this friday... i am still really anxious! mainly due to me and my partner not getting on ( we talked and have been getting on the past few days) saturday he came in drunk when i asked him not to. he said he would come home at 10 and spend some time with me. so i said okay that sounds good, i was ment to be staying atmy mums but instead walked home that night for him coming home. i only asked him not to be tipsy or drunk because i couldnt be bothered with it and if he was just to stay out with his friends and ill stay at my mums as planned.... of course.... he came in drunk.... so we had a 3 hour long argument as he didnt see that he had done anything wrong at all and that frustrated me! i was screaming at the top of my lungs at him! so then i only panicked myself worrying about the damage id just done to myself through stress! wed been arguing alot the week before that too. nothing to the extent of that night though! so thats worried me! just hopeing the argument didnt do any harm as im a google fanatic and googled things about miscarriage being caused my stress and arguments.. has any body else had arguments with partner? image bar that i dont think anything will of done any harm hopefully! so fingers crossed about my scan on friday! image xx

  • arh, sorry to hear about your stressful situation Annonymous, sounds like he is being a little inconsiderate to me.   cannot be nice having all that to deal with.  Try not to let it stress you out too much (easier said than done I am sure).  


    Undecided - I had something similar happen to me a couple of weeks ago, think I tried to pack too much into a single day and then panicked myself when I went to the toilet and saw some dark brown blood. It wasn't accompanied with any pain and it only happened that one time but it properly freaked me xxx

  • I was quite nervous waiting for my 12 week scan( 2nd pregnacy), hoping everything was going to be ok,( thankfully it was all fine, I made sure I drank loads of water, this paid off as the baby's scan was Di clear as the baby was right on top of my bladder!!! The reason we were abit nervous about 12 weeks scan was, in my first pregnacy at the 12 week 5 day scan, we found our we were having Identical Twins!!!, we had the the measurement at the back of the neck done there and then with the consultant stright away, and both twins were then high risk for have downs!!!. The consultant ( doing his job), stressed how difficult it would be with two who with downs etc, a week later I had the CVS done as they could take one sample rather than two if we had the amnio test( they were in the same sac but with a small membrane between them).@16 weeks we had the all clear, so we felt it was safe to tell people!. So, throughout the whole pregnacy we had scans every 2/3 weeks, and every week at the end! I gave birth naturally to two beautiful girls!

    Do with my 2 nd pregnacy 12 weeks scan we were wondering how many this time and, god please let it/them be fit and healthy!!!.

    Luckily so far (15 weeks and 3 days), all is ok!

    Sorry peeps, I went off track there a little, but look forward to the scan it's amazing seeing the presious cargo inside if you jumping around!!! Good luck all x
  • Hi all it's Katie, this is my first baby and my scan is on Monday I will be 12 weeks + 4 days. I am so terrified it's unreal! We had a scare at 8 weeks so we had a early scan baby smudge was tucked up nicely and had a beautiful heartbeat, I'm worried sick the midwife will say there is something wrong or even worse not find a heartbeat! These two days are going to kill me! Am I over reacting?! Xx
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