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Trying for a girl

Hellow ladies - so as soon as AF has gone, I have got the green flag for ttc!! Woot! Thing is hubby is very keen on trying for a girl. He knows there is no guarantee but would like to increase our chances. Has anyone done/doing this? Know much about what I can do to increase my chances?

Thanks x


  • I have no idea whether this is true or not but my sister (who is about to have a baby girl) claims it's all about timing.  Gender is determined by the sperm, and apparently girls are slower but live longer while boys are faster but don't survive as long.  So if you have sex on the day you are supposedly most likely to conceive (in terms of ovulation) then the boys are likely to get there first.  However if you do it a couple of days beforehand, the girls will survive and still be around to fertilise the egg when you ovulate, after the boys have gone.

    As I say, no idea if it's true or not, others may have an opinion!!

  • Google - natural gender swaying, the shettles method is all about timing, it is just as pumpkino says. Sperm can live for around 5 /6 days you want the slower longer living girl sperm to meet the egg. you will need to use opk's to track when ovulation will happen, and then work out a cut off date for dtd.

  • Thanks ladies! 

    Luckily micromonkey I know exactly when I OV each month (although I am irregular) so I can stop when I see the signs. Looking forward to going through ttc again!! 


  • good luck! we have a boy and a girl, our boy was concieved the day of ovulation and our girl from doing the deed a few days before ov, so in theory the shettles method worked for us although we were not specifically doing that x

  • I was always told that for girls you need to eat more fruit, meat has boy making tendancies it's a myth! xx

  • Well we have given up already lol!!! It was the not orgasming thing! I just couldn't do it haha! I think I am clearly built to make boys!! We decided that really we just wanted a little brother or sister for our ds and this isn't the last baby we are planning on anyway. 


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