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brushing teeth???

Hi all,

My little one has finally cut some teeth and has his two bottom ones and is in the process of cutting his top two.

I was wondering how people go about brushing their little ones teeth as i know that you should start as soon as they get teeth to get them used to it etc. I have the right toothbrush and toothpaste as a lady at an under ones group gave them to us; she was from the local authority. I have used the brush with toothpaste but wondered how you go about rinsing?

I just rinse the toothbrush and put it back in a few times. I assume because it is made for lo's it has low flouride and therefore is ok if they swallow it???

What do you guys do?

Thanks SB x


  • Your not supposed to rinse your mouth after brushing. Only a small amount of toothpaste should be used so there should be no need to rinse. Babies mostly drool it out anyway!


    Hope that helps

  • Hiya, Ryan got his first tooth on his 8 month birthday, and the second soon followed!

    Advice from HV was just a smear of toothpaste, so that's what we do, and don't rinse - should always be spit rather than rinse after toothbrushing for adults too!

    I tend to brush his two tiny teeth first then let him hold the brush himself and have a chew on it to get him used to it. He loves it though, and tends to throw a strop when I take it away!


  • Thanks for the replies. That's what I thought.

    SB x

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