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Brushing baby's teeth

Phoebe now has ten teeth - all eight at front, four on the bottom and four on the top, and two molars. (Although the molars have just broken the skin and are not fully through yet.) We started brushing her teeth with a proper baby toothbrush when she cut the first two at 16 weeks, but she has become very reluctant recently. So, how do you get a ten month old to allow you to brush her teeth? Im told, in comparison to other babies, she has cut them fairly early and very quickly, so I wonder if her mouth may be sore and that is why she is refusing? However, I am worried that if we dont brush them her teeth may get damaged. All ideas and suggestions welcome!!

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  • Maybe try not using a toothbrush.  Just put the toothpaste on your finger or even Phoebe's finger as long as you're prepared to get toothpaste elsewhere.  At this stage I think that it's just important to get a fluoride coating over their teeth rather than brushing things off.  Maybe even put it near the base of a dummy or a toy that she'd put in her mouth.

    Good luck!

  • i just give her the toothbrush and et her get on with it, she loves a good chew and if shes fine with it i will give them a good brush, we all brush together at the same time with our  toddler too,

  • We seem to have fixed the problem. The other morning I was trying to brush my own teeth whilst holding Phoebe and she grabbed hold of my electric tooth brush and put it in her mouth! She then giggled her head off and cried when I took it away! So, I got her a child's electric toothbrush and now she she cant get enough of brushing her teeth. I spoke to my dentist just to check it wouldnt do any harm and she said it was fine as long as I used baby toothpaste. She is such a weirdo sometimes, but I do adore her!!

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