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Names for our bumps

I posted this on another thread but thought it deserved a separate post!! So.... What do you call your bump and why??? We refer to ours as Tiger Quin as we like different rugby teams (me Leicester Tigers OH Harlequins). Our first date was a rugby match, we got engaged at one and I got my BFP after I got home from watching a game so it seemed fitting!!


  • Cute name!! We haven't got one yet - will have to think of something soon!!

  • We dnt have one either maybe when I actually have a bump w can name it!!!!!
  • My father in law named my bump Tarquin because that is what he called his daughters as bumps, but horris for his son, my husband, and he actually calls him that now even though he is 36! I is actually very similar to yours Fridaybride!
  • That is a really good point Laureladie!  Maybe we should shorten ours to Tarquin! 

  • Hi ladies, we haven't got a name for the bump yet, but I love yours! x

  • No name for ours yet either - although my last pregnancy we named it Ralph! lol - dont ask me why lol xx

  • We have called ours "Gerbs". My brother in law named it just over a month ago as he said it was the size of a rodent like a gerbil! We quite like it and think it might stick as a nickname after the baby is born! x

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