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Episiotomy- problems after?

HI everyone

i had a very long labour with my baby boy and had episiotomy to help get him out.My stiches were fine after, never really sore or anything but now everytime me and my partner have sex (sorry if TMI) its difficult to actually enter and quite painfull.After we have finished it can be quite sore on the bit they cut but only on the left side.Has anyone else had problems like this and what do you do about it? My son is now 6 months by the way and its still no better.

charlie x


  • Hi hun.
    I may not be able to help at all, as I'm in exactly the same situation - but didn't want you to feel like you were the only one.
    My son is 8 months, and I had a episiotomy for a ventouse delivery. Like you my stitches healed fine etc etc, but everything seems "tighter" (sorry if TMI). I'm sure I've been stitched up fine, as I've had a look with a mirror and it all looks relatively like it did before. Its also been sore when hubbie tries to enter during sex, and after sex the place where I had the episiotomy kind of "aches." Its hard to describe. I'm off for a smear at the end of the month, so I'm gonna double check with the practice nurse that everythings ok downstairs. Some other mums I've chatted to said its normal to be a bit sore afterwards and advised loads of KY Jelly or similar - and I've found this does help. Sorry to be too graphic, but I've found when I'm on top its less sore as I'm in control of the depth etc etc.
    I have rambled - sorry lol! I think its a case of giving your bits time to heal. However if you are concerned, pop and see the GP or practice nurse just to check it out. I know of one mum who was given some sort of anaesthetic cream which she had to rub on half an hour before sex to numb the area. Kinda killed the spontaneity of it all, but she said it really helped in the beginning.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hiya,
    I've been to see the obstetrician today, as i had ganulated tissue on my episiotomy scar, its gone no thank god, and he said that it takes about 12 months for the scar to heal up properly cos first it heals temporarily, then it can take about 12 months for it to heal permanantly.

    Me and oh haven't had sex since lo was born cos i've been to scared, but think i mite use the tip bout the KY jelly!
  • hi just reading bout your problems after childbirth. i had my daughter 2 n half years ago, had episitomy and ventouse delivery. ever since my episitomy scar tears during intercourse causing quite alot of bleeding and soreness. in april this year i had fentons procedure to try solve problem. i waited about 10 weeks after had the procedure to have intercourse but still have same problem. its really effecting relationship with partner as we can no longer have intercourse,problems really ruining my life as i can never see this problem bein solved. im only 21 any1 who can offer advice will be really appreciated

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