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Gynae recommendation London

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and been TTC for over a year.  We have now been referred to have my tubes checked for blockages but don't know where to go. image

Has anyone got any recommendations for a gynae in London pref specailising in infertility?



  • Are you doing this on the nhs, as I'm not sure you get a choice. In circumstances like ivf, you sometimes get a choice, but you would be sent a letter with your choice of clinics. If you're going private, you will probably be as well to go to one of the fertility clinics anyway as I would think you'll have to pay for a consultation anyway.
  • Hi Dudders,

    This is covered by my medical insurance so would be private.

    There are so many clinics I don't know which to choose!


  • Have only heard good things about Mr Geoffrey Trew.

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