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Induction for a VBAC???? Hormone drip and breaking waters....

Hi all image Hoping for a little advice to calm my nerves...LOL!! I had a csection 4 years ago with DS, I am now booked in for a VBAC with DS2, had a membrane sweep today and if it doesn't work I have been told to go back next to be induced by breaking my waters and placing me on a hormone drip. I am petrified and was just hoping that someone who has had previous experience with this situation or something similar could shed some light on what I can expect? Thanks in advance xx


  • Hi, I haven't had a c sec but have been induced by drip. It wasnt working for me (not common, probably because my body wasnt ready for labour, for some reason my waters broke at 37 weeks) and they upped it and upped it then got a senior to authorise a higher dose. Then it all happened VERY quickly indeed! The contractions are in no way similar to normal contractions, they are so much stronger and more painful. Don't want to scare you or put you off but think its better to be prepared. The HUGE upside to this is that its often so much quicker! I was only pushing for 15 minutes (and he was back to back, and first labour!) and only had painful contractions for about 30-40 minutes before that. I only had gas and air, and it was bearable. I would habe had an epidural if I wasnt too scared to! You will be fine image xx
  • Im guessing as you've had a sweep you're probably at or past 40 weeks, so pretty sure you won't need the drip image or at least not much! Xx
  • Thanks for the response image I'm 39+1 weeks because of previous section they won't let me go to much past my due date, if I end up eatting induced il only be 3 days over so hopefully il be ready to labour!! Haha

    Your story made me feel much better I'm glad it was over quick, I know il be in pain but if it's as quick as yours was I will be very happy lol xx
  • Getting induced NOT eatting induced hahaha!! Silly predictive text!! X
  • Hi. I was induced at 3 days over. I had the pessary inserted at 3pm and was ue to go on drip the following day but my little man came in middle of night. The pains were intense, i went from not dilated to 10cm very quickly. Things only got complicated as he got stuck with being back to back x
  • Hi, I had the works! 4 days after my due date they tried to give me a sweep but my cervis was too high (was uncomfortable but not painful) then at 9 days late they tried again but nothing so booked me in for an induction. The day of the induction I was in onset labour but they had no room for me so I had to wait for the next day. Labour did come naturally but was taking so long so they broke my waters (very strange feeling but no pain) They found out that my baby had done a poop so they rigged me up to the hormone drip wich dramatically increased the intensity of my contraction and sped everything up! Unfortuately my body wasn't playing. They decided I needed a c-section and it was the best decision ever! After being in labour for over 38hrs I was nackered and was so thankful to the surgeon who said the words 'Zoe we will need to get you into theatre now'


    What to expect....... truthfully I hated the drip. It made my contraction fast and hard but thinking about it this is what labour is! The only advice I can give you is to try and relax as much as possibly and keep an open mind to the other options to natural birth.

    Hope everything goes well, Keep us posted! xx


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