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You know you have reached a mile stone...

... When a friend is on her second baby since you've been ttc image


  • i've got three friends who are there, its sort of a happy for them gutted for me feeling. Stay positive hun, it'll be you soon xxx

  • That's exactly it! Saw a quote on pinterest "jealousy comes from counting others blessings, not our own"... Trying to hang onto that. It's hard isn't it?
  • i have friends like that hun! so fustrating! but it will happen for us all one day or another!


  • i keep promising myself it'll be me one day that gets to announce good news to friends and look all happy, its like a mirage in a hot desert at the mo, but it'll be real one day : ) plus i keep telling myself i'm already blessed and lucky, but still pray the luckiness extends to baby wishes : ) x

  • I know that feeling well!! My best friend has just got married and they're going to start tryin for a family - i just know she'll fall pregnant quickly xx

  • Totally agree.... I've got one friend on here third baby with three fathers!!! And I'm still trying for my first BFP image heart breaking. Lately I've really not been thinking about it too much, or trying too, but I always go through phases like this. How long have we all been trying?? X
  • I'm 12 months so far cupcake, you? Best of luck with IUI xxx

    I' cd 1, trying agnus castus and low GI diet, fingers crossed : ) x

  • I'm almost 5 years.... image thank you!

    I've tried the low GI, but didn't stick to it religiously... Maybe should try it on run up to IUI hmmmmm

    Good luck Hun xx
  • My doc finally decided to refer me, hooray, hoping we'll get an appt by Oct, diet is so hard to stick too but i am trying : ) and I'm sure you'll have success soon hun, lots of luck for the IUI xxx

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