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anyone beginning the journey?

Hi all,

Just wondering is there is anyone out there at the beginning stages of gp appointments and referrals?

A little bit about us, I am 27 and hubby 35 been ttc for a year. My bloodwork came back all ok but hubby's SA tests have been very odd, first one good count and ok motility but morphology very low 2nd test low count and ok morphology?! very confusing I know they can fluctuate but the results were crazy! gp has ordered our fertility bloods and swabs, then we are being referred to the fertility clinic. Just a waiting game now. Just done an opk and I have my positive so not going to give up on the natural way yet! Does anyone know how long waiting lists can be with the nhs? I think we meet the criteria for help in our area. Will have to practice thats for sure! All the best and hoping for lots of sunny beans soon!

Jo x


  • Hi there, i'm 25 my hubby is 35, we've been trying 12 months too, our tests were all good except we then found i have PCOS, unfortunately my gp's won't refer me till 18 months trying so i have to waiti till january : (

    I work in a gp setting the clinic near me are a 8-10 week wait at the minute, hope you get ur appt soon. Do you know what your first steps will be? I'm assuming ours will be clomid, but i haven't been told much yet.

    Hope nature kicks in first for you xxx

  • Hi Gillybean510,

    I am pleased to here yours and your hubbies tests came back ok and that is def a wait off your shoulders. It is such a shame your gp wont refer you?! have you tried asking for a second opinion? Did you have any idea about the PCOS, any symptoms? My best friend has PCOS and I know alot of ppl would do and go on to have a family. Have you used opk's? I guess its a matter of chasing the eggy! and if your hubby's SA results are all good that should not be a problem. I hate waiting I am one of the most impatient people! I think our first step will be IUI where they wash the sperm and that gets rid of the poor ones so the good ones have a chance?! not the best success rate but it helps that I am regular and young.

    I have heard great things about clomid and it really helps alot of women, if you do end up going down the clinic route it is a good idea to suss out their policy for exampe ours says you wont be considered if you smoke, have a high bmi etc they are quite fussy. Is there anything herbal that can help you ov?

    All the best with your journey and hope its a quick one xxx

  • Hi Joey139

    My gp's all discussed it so unless i move practice i'm going to have to wait. So to keep my self positive i'm going to try low GI diet and agnus castus, fingers crossed nature takes over : ) I know a few people with PCOS who all have children, so there's def hope, i haven't used opk's yet and my blood tests haven't shown any ovulation yet, so i'm going to use opk's and hope i have an egg this time.

    Clomid will prob be where we go to if this doesn't work and there is a lot of success with that too : ) I know i need to keep my BMI where it is or lower it a bit, and i don't smoke, but otherwise i don't know much about the policy's, hoping they'll prescribe clomid if we get to that point, i'll be 26 by then prob.

    Hope you and your hubby have success with the IUI, it's def a positive being young and knowing your cycle, fingers crossed the clinic does the trick. When do you go for that?

    I know what you mean about patience, its not in my vocabulary lol but i'm learning the hard way. Had a few grumpy face days, but now a bit more chilled with it.

    Sending ya lots of luck : ) x

  • hi joey

    my husband and i are on our journey for help im 27 and hubby is 37 i have non exsitant periods nothing since nov 2011 ive had bloods done and nothing has been picked up so being referred to fertility clinc hubby is waiting for his sa date 

    fingers crossed for you and it happening naturaly 

    squares xx

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