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Its still a boy!

Went for my 20 week scan today, so lovely to see him, growing beautifully, 13 oz and 20 cm long!everything is great, had to see a consultant because its ivf/icsi pregnancy and im overweight so been started on asprin and need to have a 32 week scan and glucose tolerance test, but no concerns. Hope your all well and look forward to reading about your scans too, love george


  • Hi George - that's lovely to hear. Our scan is tomorrow afternoon - can't wait!! I haven't put any weight on (I've always been a skinny bean!) - so hope baby is growing OK. But my bump is growing well and there's lots of movement so I'm sure all is fine.

    Still feeling pretty pooped but I blame my little girl for that - she is always on the go, and work is busy too. And the up and down weather means we're not seeing much of hubby - he's a dairy farmer. Oh, the joys of life!!!!

    Hope everyone is doing OK. x

  • Mrs I hope your scan goes well, I have always struggled with my weight unfortunately, they estimated 81bs at birth so thats fine, I do think if your skinny,fat whatever as long as you look after yourself and bubba alls good! let us know!

  • Your good for waiting to see what your having until birth,I admire your patience!

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