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Can't believe it's nearly a year!!!!!!!!

I came off the pill last sept and I can't quite believe it's not happened for us!!

I go back to work after the summer hols in 2 weeks and feel really down that I won't be making an announcement!!image I thought we'd cracked it this month!!

Hubby doesn't even realise how down I am because he's always said "If it happens it happens"! easy to say when you start trying but after a year I'm worrying it will never happen and time is running out for me as I turned 40 in May!!

I really didn't want to have to start down the route of going to docs for tests but not sure what else to do now??!!

sorry to be a downer but you're all so supportive and hubby just has no idea how I feel  each month when af arrives!

hope everyone is well xx


  • I totally understand what you're saying, my hubby is exactly the same. Its almost a year since we started as well although we have skipped quite a few months down to illness but my hubby never seemed to make an effort to catch ov. We had a talk the other week tho and things have been much better although time will tell if thats where we have been going wrong previously.

    Aw, hope you're ok, it really is upsetting to see the witch month after month and it seems everyone around you falls pg easily. Just remember you have us ladies here on be if you ever need to chat... sending huge hugs your way xc
  • I'm sorry you are feeling so down Carioke, I think it hits all of us some days then others we are better able to cope with the whole ttc rollercoaster. My husband doesn't have the sense of urgency I have as he is ten years younger than me, but at 38 I also feel time is running out and I get very sad at the thought. Lets hope you have some good news soon, keep your chin up hun we are all here for you, and eachother.xx

  • Hi carioke

    We are the same it's been a year in July since I came off the pill, feeling positive this month but it does get you down the time goes so quick! I went and had an ultrasound scan and blood test which were fine, it's made me a bit more positive.

    Maybe just go to your docs for a chat and see what they say if you know everything's ok you never know it might well happen because you won't be worrying, hope this helps a bit and your feeling better soon xx
  • It's been a year for us too. I cry every month when the witch appears and wonder why I spent so long on the pill. My friends all have babies, my sisters both have children, as do my in laws. I go thru phases of feeling like its just not meant to happen for us, but I also feel like a lil person is what's missing in my life. I too wanted to go back to work with an announcement but now it looks like I'm gonna be 33 at the earliest when I become a mummy. Next month I'm back on the cbfm, charting, the works: no messing!! Baby dust for u all xx
  • Completely understand, I was really bad last month just obsessing constantly. We are on month 14 now and hubby is having to keep me motivated, I am ready to give up but he keeps telling me no a few more months.

  • Hi Carioke.Don't rule out going to see your GP. We first went after 9 months TTC because I was very nearly 35. After a referal and a couple more viists to the hospital I finally started clomid 6 months later. 3 months in I got lucky. If I hadn't gone to ask for help we'd probably still be trying now. The hospital would have moved faster if we'd been trying longer so if you do go to see a doctor  lie and add a bit on. xXx

  • Hey,


    Please don't worry hun - I came off the pill in the May and we started TTC in the October - it was 17 months until we conceived.

    I felt like I had tried everything.  Vitamins etc, keeping a chart of temp and ewcm etc, clear Blue digital ovulation monitor.  In the end I decided to stop everything and said to DH that it must be stressing me out too much.  I was really disappointed when I hadn't got a Christmas BFP so it was shortly after than I decided to stop.  We went on Holiday at the end of April and I really didn't think about TTC - we just had a lovely holiday, plenty of BDing - none of it pre-meditated - and then in the June we found out we were expecting DS image

    I have only just come back on here so I'm sorry i don't know your history but I genuinely believe for me - having that break away from all the monitoring and symptom spotting was what did the trick.

    I hope your BFP comes soon.


  • Thankyou so much for all your replys ladies, your words of wisdom  really do help!

    I went for a chat at the docs 2 months ago and she basically said stop worrying about it and it will happen. I don't think I stress about about it all til af arrives, that's when I get down. Even hubby said he'd thought we'd had a good go at it this month, I even used concieve +.

    We're going away for a few days next week so I'm going to try and just enjoy not being pregnant and just drink!!!!

    hope you are all well xx


  • Hey KatRob, how you doing? I think we joined at roughly the same time. I am still here too! Its a rollercoaster isnt it. Have you been to the gp? I am not sure if I said but we did and we have male factor issues. We have a referral in Oct, it really does feel better when you can get the ball moving. I am sorry Carioke that your gp said stop worrying that is so annoying. Could you get a second opinion I have realised you have got to get assertive to get anything.

    All the best everyone


  • I think I will go again because you are entitled to help after a year!

    I just worry hubby would prob rather think 'oh well it's not meant to be' rather than have to get tested.

    I was just saying on another thread how I've started to hate this rollercoaster journey but don't know where to go now!

    I'm such a moaner this week!!!


  • Hiya joey, not been to go yet, I know the problem is with dh and how he struggles to be aroused at the right time - the spirit is willing but the flesh is literally weak! I know our main prob is not doing it enough at OV and not sure how doc would help with that. I know it's starting to get to him now too cos he keeps pointing out cute babies and saying how we should have our nieces and nephews round more cos it's fun. Think he wants a house full like me now! Off on holiday next week and ad is due and we missed OV this month so gonna enjoy myself and talk it over with him when we're chilled out and away from the mundane day to day stuff xx
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