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facing the fact that i may have ME

A few weeks back i posted that i was taking a break from ttc in august due to a viral illness.  i havent been feeling great for a few months now and after much toing and froing to the doctors it appears ME could be the reason why.

For the past few months ive had horrendous migraines, exhaustion, a sore throat and legs that feel like lead and now i could know why.  But on the whole im staying positive and still planning on ttc soon.  Ill be asking the baby questions at my next appointment!!

wishing everyone baby dust xx




  • Oh no Pinkshoes - I am afriad I don't know much about ME, but at least you know why you are having all these symptoms. I do however know that a friend of mine has ME (not a ver close friend) and she has just had her second child so it shouldn't affect ttc apart from the extra exhaustion!!

    Can you take meds to make you feel a bit better?


  • Sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having, hope you get a speedy BFP when you start ttc x

  • Thanks ladies.

    Snugglenush, im taking painkillers and trying to rest when im not in work.  Thats it for the moment.  Im focusing on that bfp!


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